PRG Best Boy 4000® Lands in Japan with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

June 11, 2012

Armonk, NY—June 11, 2012—Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (NGHFB) recently returned to Japan with a three date mini-tour, including a performance at Tokyo’s legendary Nippon Budokan. PRG is pleased to be supporting NGHFB’s Lighting Director David ‘Fuji’ Convertino by providing the complete lighting package for the 2012 tour. His versatile design, which works well for a range of venue types, features the PRG Best Boy 4000® Spot Luminaire. A high output, low-wattage automated light with a truly all-inclusive feature set; the PRG Best Boy is fast becoming the light of choice among concert designers.

One of the biggest benefits for Convertino was the Best Boy 4000’s energy efficiency. Delivering over 20,000 lumens, but drawing only 5-amps at 208-volts and 10-amps at 110-volts, it is far more efficient than competing lights which draw up to double the amperage. Convertino described the importance of low power draw on the NGHFB tour. “We are doing shows in a variety of venues with this tour, one day might be a club and the next day a theatre. With Best Boy, we don’t have to worry about having 200-amps or more, you always know you’re going to have ample power.  Needing only five-amps for this fixture, that’s great!  Plus, the output is second to none. It’s bright when you need it to be, but you can also dial it down and it still looks clean. It doesn’t lose ‘looks’ when you fade it down for certain aspects.”

Purpose-built to be an “all in one” fixture, the Best Boy’s feature set provides maximum creative flexibility without compromising on quality. “Everything about it is great,” Convertino said.  “The color mixing system is as clean as it can get. It moves into the source without showing any white or hotspots, very nice.  The way the shutters work is very fast, much faster than a dual blade shutter. Having one light that does everything with a shaper is very useful because it allows you to close in on set pieces without having to order a special specific light, and you aren’t forced to lose gobo wheels as you would with other lights.”  With a beam size iris that works hand in hand with the 8:1 zoom and framing shutters, the Best Boy 4000 offers the maximum beam versatility in a single automated fixture.

In addition, Convertino liked the unique effects in the Best Boy, which employs high-definition optics that maintain edge-tracking of gobos throughout the entire zoom range of 8°-64°. The effects wheel includes a four-facet prism, a true extruder, and an oblong effect in addition to a variable diffusion range. Convertino commented, “The effects look great on a scrim or a set piece; they look great just with a good haze in the air. The extruder effect is fantastic. Before you really needed a video projector to achieve similar effects. Many fixtures have prism wheels, but all that meant was one gobo would repeat itself into four; but no fixture was producing a true ‘extrusion’ effect like the Best Boy.”

As with any concert designer, fast and fluid movement is important to Convertino.  “The light moves extremely fast; a lot faster than most other fixtures of comparable weight. Most fixtures would have to be twice as small to move this fast.  I believe as more people get a chance to use the Best Boy, they’re going to jump to it,” he said.

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