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What makes the PRG Paskal staff and crew members different from other Motion Picture Lighting and Grip Equipment houses? One word… Experience. While staff members at other equipment companies may seem like a constant revolving door, at PRG Paskal you will find the same team of friendly down to earth professionals year after year. People that you can rely on not only to fulfill your production needs but more so as partners and friends focused on the same goal; to provide outstanding equipment and service no matter how challenging your project may be. Whatever your location, rest assure that PRG Paskal has offices nearby to serve your needs.

  • Steve Basso
  • John Bowman
  • Ben Compton
  • Loren Kaneer
  • Josh Rooks
  • Tiffany Tucker

Steve Basso

General Manager, PRG Paskal Atlanta

Steven serves as General Manager of the PRG Paskal, Atlanta office. Steven oversees all aspects of Paskal’s Atlanta division including sales, marketing and rental operations.

A veteran of over two decades in the motion picture and television lighting industry, Steven came to PRG Paskal, for a second time, after nine years with Sony Pictures Studios location support unit Westside Production Services. At Westside, he worked as Executive Director and General Manager and was in charge of sales, rentals, operating budgets and all other aspects of the business. Combined, Steven has spent a total of 16 years working for PRG Paskal Lighting as everything from driver to warehouse manager and rental agent to operations manager.

Steven graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in film production. He is a proud veteran of the USMC.

John Bowman

Rental Agent

John works as a Rental Agent in the PRG Paskal Lighting, Atlanta office. His duties include acting as the liaison between show crew and production staff during the day-to-day lighting and grip rentals requested  by various TV and Movie productions.

John joined the PRG Paskal team 4 years ago at the ground floor in the warehouse. He quickly went from pulling gear to becoming Warehouse Manager. After a year and a half as Warehouse Manager, John moved into the rental office as part of the rental operations team.

Ben Compton

Warehouse Manager

Ben serves as the Warehouse Manager for PRG Paskal Lighting in Atlanta, Georgia. He manages day-to-day operational duties of the warehouse, oversees inventory management and control, and guides order preparation, delivery schedules, and maintenance of all lighting and grip equipment. Ben also functions as a liaison between the rental agents and warehouse staff, managing both personnel and equipment utilization.

Benjamin has been with Paskal Atlanta for over five years. He started out on the floor crew, repairing cable. He quickly moved to head the HMI and Dimming department and then moved up to the Assistant Warehouse Manager position. With hard work and attention to detail, Ben was promoted to Warehouse Manager in 2013 and takes pride in representing PRG Paskal Lighting professionally every day.

Loren Kaneer

Rental Agent

Josh Rooks

Rental Agent

Josh began working with PRG Paskal Lighting in September of 2010. Starting in the cable department, Josh repaired cable, pulled orders, and learned about the various aspects within the warehouse. Once he was well versed with the warehouse operational procedures, Josh was promoted to Inventory Scanner where he soon rose to Lead Scanner in the warehouse rental operation.

In the summer of 2012, Josh was promoted to Rental Agent. As Rental Agent, he serves as the liaison between production staff and show crew, facilitating equipment order processing and coordinating the logistical details. With five years in the local film industry, Josh has developed a reputation for providing great customer service with a "get it done" attitude.

Tiffany Tucker

Expendables Supervisor

Tiffany joined the PRG Paksal Lighting Atlanta team in the summer of 2011. First hired to assist in pulling sales orders and purchasing, she is now the location's Expendables Supervisor. Tiffany oversees inventory, purchase of stock, bidding of new accounts, and delivery. Working closely with crew and production on various projects to ensure a friendly, prompt, and seamless experience from initial load-in to wrap is a top priority for Tiffany.

Tiffany studied journalism at Georgia State University and, as an Atlanta native, is excited to be a part of the entertainment industry's growth throughout Georgia. When not working, she spends time showing horses throughout the southeast.

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