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Visit Booth 2236 For Live Demos Of Our Latest Innovations + A Chance to Win Limited Edition Swag

Featured Products

Daily Demos
October 21-22 | 10 AM – 5:30 PM
October 23 | 10 AM – 3:00 PM

Get hands on with the updated GroundControl™ family of products
— Including the GroundControl Best Boy Spot HP, Ground Control Bad Boy Spot HP, GroundControl Long Throw (LT), 4-way switch box, and the new v3.0 software. 

Experience the all new Mbox v4 software
— With live in-booth demos in LED Video, projection, and multiple output systems. Currently being used on the Drake ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour, Mbox v4 is a must-see for any media server user looking for a simple, robust solution that provides professional results.

Be one of the first to see the new ReNEW
— LD Line Dimmable LED Retrofit Assembly + the Bullet 2.0 focusable and compact LED luminaries for a range of architectural and entertainment applications.

GroundControl Family of Products — At-A-Glance
  GroundControl Best Boy Spot HP
Short Throw 10-75'.  Ideal for Theatre, Television, Corporate/Ballroom, Cruise Ships, Small Clubs, Back Light.

GroundControl Bad Boy Spot HP
Medium Throw 50-150'.  Ideal for Special Events, Concert Touring, Film, Amphitheater, PAC, Arena FOH spot.

  GroundControl Longthrow (LT)
Long Throw 150'+. Ideal for Award shows, Stadiums, Key FOH spot and much more! (Throw distances are suggestions and do not reflect other factors required in specifying lighting equipment).

GroundControl 4-way Switch Box
Switch between 4 fixtures with one controller. Ideal for A/B stage, break out rooms, backup fixtures, and many other configurations.

New v3.0 software
Many new features as well as under-the-hood improvements including Live Framing, improved Operator Feedback, and various bug fixes. (See Tech Bulletin for more detailed information).

Mbox v4 At-A-Glance
Mbox’s revised user interface provides new controls for patching, output setup, mix setup, and preferences. And the UI now supports independent windows for each output plus the setup window.

   Increases the number of playback layers in each version of the software, increases the maximum content size and output size to allow for 4K playback and output, enhances the pixel mapping (more pixels and new sources), and allows for up to 32 independently mastered outputs (Mbox Designer).

   Synchronization between outputs and servers has been greatly improved, allowing for perfect playback sync across multiple outputs of multiple servers.

   Continues to support the ability to perform single-layer crossfades on every layer.

ReNew-LD Line Dimmable LED Retrofit Assembly 
  Power Draw at Full: 196 Watts

  Dimming: Mains/Line Dimmable

  Color Temperature: 3,000K Tungsten or 5,700 Daylight

  Power Input: 100VAC, 120VAC and 240VAC models available

 ReNew-LD data sheet

Bullet 2.0 – UV, White Light & Daylight
   Bullet 2.0 data sheet

PRG is Hiring, 2016
Our culture is constant evolution and innovation and that means always being open to adding new talent across disciplines such as Lighting, LED Video, Audio, Project Management, Sales, and more. If you’re interested in building your career through PRG, let’s get the conversation started. Come talk to us at booth #2236 at LDI or write to

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