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At PRG Denver we care about your production as much as you do. We work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure the success of your event. We are big enough to handle the most complex production, but small enough to ensure every detail is captured and our clients receive an extraordinary level of service.

Our success is directly attributable to a talented team and our willingness to go great lengths to serve our clients. Our portfolio is incredibly diverse and not limited geographically. Our seasoned professionals will complement your creativity and produce your event anywhere. Let us bring your vision to reality.

Our customers are part of the family. We tailor our approach to build a strong working relationship based on trust with a detailed understanding of your requirements and the ability to anticipate your needs.

Throughout the planning process, our team will work with you to achieve your goals. We will remain in frequent contact and are empowered to make changes and decisions based on your needs. We will combine your every detail with our experience and vast supply of resources and technology to guarantee your success.

Once the production design is approved, our staff will set deadlines and assign duties and responsibilities for each member of our team to ensure your event is produced on time and on budget.

We deliver complete solutions including event planning, on site production, project management, video mapping, audio, lighting, content management, social media platforms, presentation management, and mobile apps. The dedication of our employees is key to our success.
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