PRG Chicago is quickly becoming the "go to" company for specialty lighting, LED special effects, video projection, show programming and execution, and effects lighting for feature films, television, and live events. PRG Chicago delivers the best possible service not only in lighting and special effects, but also in video and audio solutions for global live event productions that range from concert tours, weekend festivals, corporate events, live 3D video presentations, and permanent installations.
PRG Scenic Elements & Design

Scenic Elements

At PRG, our commitment to the integrity of the designer’s vision and delivering solutions extends to our attention to the smallest of details. Our master craftsmen work in tandem with our technical designers to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality; fully functional, efficiently constructed, and completely safe. We have a large expert workforce of industry-respected professionals; in fact many of our craftsman have over two decades of experience. PRG brings a rich history of elegantly executed scenery and props work, along with technically advanced engineering, to all our clients’ projects.

Our skilled and talented team puts in careful planning to create an element that replicates the design exactly while also integrating structure considerations, set electrification needs and/or touring transport requirements. We know that prop construction is a balance of visual and practical needs that PRG understands extremely well. Regardless of the size or application, our team will help to technically design a solution and construct a reliable, durable prop that exceeds both the project’s design and function requirements.



At PRG we know that a strong, stable foundation is at the core of any successful endeavor and that is why PRG ensures that our staging solutions are unmatched in the industry. We offer rugged, reliable construction that is the PRG hallmark of this workhorse scenic element, whether stationary, multi-leveled, or automated to lift, roll or slide PRG has the experience to solve the most challenging of decking designs. For touring, theatrical events, television broadcasts, live events, festivals and/or any and all other temporary need staging applications PRG has the right team to develop the right solution.

We have even developed the popular staging solution – the PRG Rolling Deck. It is a flexible, portable stage that offers strength and durability and is also quick to assemble. The Rolling Deck is engineered for safe, efficient and rapid deployment and is easily repositioned and reconfigured. The design is based on a standard 4’x8’ (1.22m x 2.44m) size. PRG’s Rolling Deck is ideal for all markets.

Eco Friendly Event Production

Sustainability Services

Minimizing Environmental Impact in Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Technology Products and Services

PRG helps you minimize your productions' impact to the environment throughout the design, manufacture, support, and use of our products and services by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials and energy. We are committed to recycling of materials, lamps, and other expendable items from our lighting, audio, video, and scenic operations. We recycle used equipment to extend the lives of durable items and minimizing electricity consumption through the efficient design of our lighting and power distribution systems. We use environment-friendly products and practices in the manufacture and maintenance of our products including working to reduce volatile organic compounds in manufacturing and rental operations. 

PRG understands the need to minimize fuel consumption through careful planning and management of logistics. This includes combining orders on trucks whenever possible and transferring inventory between locations to minimize long-distance deliveries. We utilize paperless systems whenever possible for processing bids, notices, purchase orders, and invoices. Our innovative testing and equipment handling equipment and processes reduce test times of equipment to lower electrical consumption while ensuring quality. PRG will also suggest substitutions of more energy-efficient technologies in place of requested technologies whenever the substitutions will fulfill your performance objectives.


Venue Preparation

PRG understands that all scenic elements not only have visual design requirements but also must function flawlessly to completely realize the designer’s vision. PRG works closely with our clients to address the structural issues integral to the scenic elements themselves but also the infrastructure requirements for safe and precise installation the set into the physical space itself. Whether freestanding, rigged, or requiring of more extensive venue preparation PRG’s team of project managers, technical supervisors, and engineers have the experience and knowledge to ensure that scenery transports and loads-in as planned.

Portals and Prosceniums – we have the capabilities to address the structural needs as well as the finish work required for even the most intricate or ornate of pieces. Structures and Armatures – we understand the unique nature of supporting scenic elements, even large, complicated pieces that have to move. Our team of welders, carpenters, and technical designers can solve the support challenges of scenic pieces, props, and full sets, whether installed or touring.

Structural Steel – for applications that need heavy-duty support, we can design, engineer, supply, and install structural steel for either temporary or permanent applications. With in-house engineering and technical designers we can go into a theatre in advance of a production and provide structural support for winches, catwalks, or hanging points for rigging. We add value to the production by solving structural problems that they encounter in different spaces.



PRG Nocturne has been supplying projection and LED video systems for live music and concert tours since the early 80’s when they invented Image Magnification (IMAG) for Journey and have been a part of most major concert tours over the past 30 years. Whether it’s the latest in projection technology or the cutting edge of LED video modules, we have the experience to support designers, helping to realize all their creative designs. Additionally, we supply the cameras, switching, and controls for IMAG systems to support video directors and engineers in capturing the artists and expanding the concert goers experience through images at the show. Our PRG video products, including the PRG Nocturne V-Series video modules and the PRG Mbox media server are ideal solutions for concert touring applications, especially for vibrant images, creative content management and pixel mapping applications.

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