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The Buzz About Our Internship Program (this is why you’ll want to talk with our recruiters!)

“This internship is going to be probably one of the best experiences you could have as a professional coming into this industry. The skills you’re going to develop are skills that allow you to do things that you wouldn’t have an opportunity to otherwise and these are skills that can be applied later on in your job.”
Ryan Dunn, former PRG intern, Las Vegas

One of the great values of the intern program, both for Production Resource Group, and for the interns, and for the industry is some very talented people come in here and they develop to be stars in the industry over a short period of time. They get the exposure, the experience, and whether they end up working inside or outside of PRG, some of the up-and-coming stars come through this program.” 
– Tom Source, PRG Account Executive, LA Intern Program Mentor

“As Office Manager for PRG Chicago I have witnessed first-hand the amazing benefits of the PRG internship program. Over the past several years, Chicago has hired on a few of our interns full time, from the lighting department as well as project management.   The PRG Internship program is one of the best opportunities out there to allow us to witness and attract all the new talent that is out there.”
– Christine Ackermann

Meet the NEW UV Bullet 2.0
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