GroundControl Followspot System

The PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System allows a followspot operator to be in a remote location up to 2,000’ away while operating a high output PRG Bad Boy® Spot automated luminaire as a followspot. Designers now have total creative freedom to put followspots in places that were either previously unusable or involved complex rigging. With the GroundControl (GC) Followspot System, the operator is on the ground so the physical footprint within the rig of the luminaire is just 30 inches round and weighs only 172 lbs. Because of this small footprint and low weight, followspots can now be placed in a wider variety of positions than they ever could before, reducing the weight and cumbersome challenges sometimes faced when incorporating a followspot into certain designs.

• Balcony rails or on box booms in a theatre

• Yoked out over a video wall instead of hanging in front of the wall

• Hung on truss in low trim venues like convention centers & ballrooms

• Ground supported on a lift or a truss tower

• Hung in a theatre on a system pipe in a counterweight fly system

• Placed on the floor of a stage to follow overhead flying

All of theses options can be accomplished with the GroundControl without the extra safety equipment, personnel access gear, and rigging typically associated with truss mounted followspots. The GroundControl Followspot System consists of three parts, a Remote Spot Luminaire, a GC Truss Box, and a GC Followspot Controller.

The GC Spot Luminaire is a Bad Boy® Spot luminaire that has been modified and optimized for followspot work. It has a High Definition camera mounted on the fixture that outputs HD-SDI at 1080p enabling the spot operator on the ground to see the stage as if he or she was sitting right next to the fixture. The onboard camera has an optical zoom, targeting reticle, and a night vision mode that enables operators to pick up a performer on a virtually black stage. In addition to CMY color mixing, the GC Spot has been further optimized for followspot work by having two dedicated color correction wheels, a CTO, and a CTB wheel. Both correction wheels are loaded up with a wide variety of color correction options.

For more information, please contact: Chris Conti, Product Manager or Michael Dodge, Product Specialist

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