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For well over a decade PRGdeltasound have been leading the way for specialist Event Communications in the Middle East.

Our technical experts have helped bring ‘Show Communications’ to the forefront of live events industry. We have worked hand-in-hand with the relevant authority (TRA in the UAE) to provide a full service of two-way radios and communications equipment to suit any scale events. 

But integrated communications is more than just radios. With the complexity of event production forever changing, large-scale events are now often running across multiple venues simultaneously and combining multiple teams with one common system. Producers and show-callers are demanding more reliable and intricate configurations with enhanced intelligent networks for greater functionality and adaptability.

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PRG do this by offering technical solutions across three main service types.

True show communications systems - analogue and digital wired and wireless, full duplex show comms systems, large scale digital matrix solutions.

Radio systems - Approx. 700 analogue and digital handheld radios, Repeaters and model units, TETRA (terrestrial trunked radios) systems, user accessories for all models, registered frequencies with the TRA. Ability to provide simple conventional systems, up to large scale wide area trunked systems.

Event networks and signal distribution - Show critical LAN deployment for all departments, Ring / Star / Mesh redundant audio / video distribution, SMPTE / FSK Timecode wired / wireless distribution / conversion, Lighting / laser networks.

On many projects the communications engineers are first on-site and the last out on a derig. They interact with every member of production from Producer to Stagehands, so the ability to collaborate and engage across all levels of crew during the lifecycle of an event is a high priority. 

Ultimately the event communications experience our clients have is superior. We do this by offering full-scale service and networking solutions to local and international clients, as well as the dry hire stock to the wider industry. All of this is undertaken whilst maintaining the need to comply with local regulations in different markets.

The PRG team have played a crucial role in the region’s most impressive occasions, from the annual New Year’s Eve spectacular on the Burj Khalifa, the record-breaking fireworks extravaganza in Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah and many large-scale regional special events. The complex communications infrastructure and its capabilities that is installed to deliver these events is astonishing.

Last month, PRG were on-site for one of the European Tour’s premier events, the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship presented by EGA, a Rolex Series Event. We were engaged to facilitate full event radio communications for the four-day event, held in the UAE capital.
The scope requested by IMG, the event organiser, was to provide dependable and intelligent event communications coverage for the two square kilometre site located in the centre of Abu Dhabi. The area is quite a challenging RF environment, and careful attention had to be made during frequency planning and system deployment.

Meeting the needs of our brief PRG deployed a spectrum efficient trunked Capacity Plus system to support 200 digital handsets. This allowed the tour management to execute the delivery of the event with seamless communication for their crew via 15 different talk groups. As well as the television broadcast teams to communicate across the site.

PRGdeltasound Technical Manager Liam McGrath explains, ‘Having a trunked system ensures total flexibility and constant clarity for the users. The system is classed as a ‘polite’ radio system, in that if any of the repeaters experience any interference, the repeater will momentarily exclude itself from the network to prevent any clash with the other system.
‘Once the interference has passed, the repeater will then re-instate itself back into the system, with no effect on the users. This process is automated, although each event requires setting up differently depending on other known systems, as well as the existing RF and ambient background RF levels in the area’, said Liam.

Being able to offer this type of reassurance to clients is the cornerstone for the event communications department and the integrity of the service we offer is well known throughout the region. The repeated encouraging and gratified feedback from clients regarding the event communications post event, is also a testament to the creative and pragmatic mindset of Liam and team to design and install these networks. 

Liam adds, ‘one of the most exciting aspects of these technologies is that we can offer an almost unlimited configuration depending on the client’s requirements. 
‘We can offer everything from a simple box of six radios with a few of channels, right up to city-wide trunked digital system, with hundreds of handsets, dispatch centres, call recording, emergency systems, plus links into our show communications systems. 

‘Thankfully, as a business we have been given some of the most challenging briefs ever attempted to date, and this has allowed both the team and the technology to grow so that we can deliver, whatever the request!’ said Liam.

Contact the team of specialists at PRG to help plan premium communications for your next event.

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