Our Rigging Services for Event Productions

The key aspect of any event production is the rigging infrastructure from which everything else is based. PRG is an experienced rigging services provider and with a 21 year track record that is as vast as it is varied, having installed and supplied rigging equipment and personnel to sporting events, concerts, festivals, television, weddings and major corporate and government events. We cover all aspects of rigging projects from technical drawings and load bearing analysis, through to specifying what's needed and the provision of rigging equipment and riggers.

We are the pioneer of safety procedures in this region. We subject all our rigging equipment to regular inspection and ensure that our personnel follow good practice in all aspects of their work.

About PRG Middle East
Building Exterior

Learn more about our company, meet the UAE management team, and read about our aims and values.

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Rigging & Automation
Rigging and automation solutions for all types of entertainment and events projects. PRG United Kingdom.

Rigging & Automation Technology

Lighting and video technology both rely on the correct support structure. Visit our rigging and automation section to learn more about how we can help you!

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PRG Gearhouse

Phone: +971 (0)4 885 0541



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