Camera Systems & PPUs

This section contains an overview of the control systems we most commonly use. Our inventory is continually changing in line with the demands of our customers and we have other products in our range that are not shown here. Please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.

  • Sony HXC-100
  • Grass Valley LDX 80 Camera
  • HDiye Minicam
  • Bradley BE-HD15 Minicam
  • Bradley CamBall 2
  • PRG XL Video UK Small PPU
  • PRG XL Video UK Medium PPU
  • PRG XL Video UK Large PPU
  • PRG XL Video UK XL PPU

Sony HXC-100

Progr. scan power HAD EX-CCD
2/3", 3 chips
Signal format: 1080 50i/720 50p
Weight: 4.4 kg
Link to product page

Grass Valley LDX 80 Camera

Advanced Imaging Software Upgradable Camera Platform
3x2/3" Xensium-FT CMOS
Signal format: 1080 50i/720 50p
Weight: 2.1kg (head/grip/pad)
View Grass Valley LDX 80 Camera System product details

HDiye Minicam

2.1 Megapixel 1/3" Progr. scan CMOS sensor
powerful DSP chip
up to 60fps
Durable 3D printed Carbon SLS casing
Link to information sheet

Bradley BE-HD15 Minicam

4 Megapixel Full HD MOS Camera
HD/SD switchable, PAL, NTSC
10 bit HDSDI, SDI and Analogue outputs
Weight: 350 g
Link to product page

Bradley CamBall 2

Small remote-controlled robotic camera
Offers full tilt, pan, zoom and focus
Gives full HD images
Carbon fibre housing

PRG XL Video UK Small PPU

Compact portable production unit
Based on Panasonic AV-HS400 desk
4 camera SD/HD PPU with up to 8 inputs
Ideal for small shows or where space is limited
Link to Product PDF

PRG XL Video UK Medium PPU

Medium 8 camera PPU
Based on Panasonic AV-HS450 desk
Custom built-PPU includes HD/SD switcher
Dual screen multi-viewer monitoring
Link to PDF

PRG XL Video UK Large PPU

Large PPU systems
Based on Grass Valley Kayak or Karrera desks
2 ME or 2.5 ME busses, 64x64 SD/HD routers
Ideal for multi-channel HD records and playback
Link to PDF


Large multi-channel PPU system
Based around 48 input Grass Valley Kayak switcher
64x64 SD/HD router
Comms via Telex Zeus matrix
Link to PDF

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