37Cinq Show Events

37CINQ SHOW EVENTS was created in 2005, and is specialized in event productions. It supplies, installs and operates the audiovisual equipment that is provided on rental bases to its customers and partners. The company offers a range of services that covers all aspects of an event technology, as sound, lighting, video, scenery, video production and power supply.

Thanks to its facilities, it provides all types of events, from public events to gala dinners, wedding ceremonies, products launches, conferences, concerts, movie projections, broadcasting as well as the capture and production of audiovisual contents.

37CINQ is now positioned as the leading event services’ company in Senegal and in the sub-region in terms of equipment and services provided, with an average of 120 events per year.

Moreover, in addition to Senegal, its scope extends to other countries such as Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast and Mali. 


  • Sound
  • Light
  • Video (LED Panels, Plasma Screens and Video Projection)
  • Stage
  • Scenic
  • Video Content Production
  • Power Supply

37Cinq Show Events

Dakar, Senegal

Phone: +221 77 644 52 64
E-Mail: info@37cinq.com
Web: https://www.facebook.com/37CINQ/

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