Gil Teichman

Gil Teichman, The art of light, is the largest lighting company in Israel and has been active for over two decades. It is a leader in the field of concept creation, designing and executing audiovisual systems, power and electrical work, corporate events, architectural lighting and large scale technical production projects. The company provides services that range from small private events to unique national celebrations.

The company has its own auditorium displaying the most innovated high quality audiovisual equipment and additional products that the company offers.

In order to provide unique lighting solutions, in a professional manner with perfect execution, three subsidiary companies were established:

  • the Laser Lighting company, which specializes in laser systems and laser displays;
  • the Teichman-Rosenthal company, which specializes in advising, planning and executing of architectural lighting and LED technology;
  • the TPI company, which specializes in planning and executing audio visuals and lighting services for conventions and international events in Israel and abroad.

Every production created by the Gil Teichman is a masterpiece of light. The right lighting makes the difference between just another event and an unforgettable breath taking experience.

Professionalism, creativity and safety are key words that lead the company, and dreams are the fuel which drive it to cross mountains and oceans.


  • Creative Concept and Event Design
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video/LED
  • Rigging

Gil Teichman

Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone: +972 9962 9090

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