The rigging specialist ES:ME delivers a custom-made structure for the inauguration of the Hamad Port in Qatar

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Hamad Port Opening - ES:ME Entertainment - PRG Alliance

ES:ME Entertainment Services is our PRG Alliance member in Qatar, working in both domestic and international projects involving customized rigging structures for the live event and entertainment industry in the gulf region. 

The opening ceremony of the Hamad Port took place on the 5th of September, for which the biggest challenge for ES:ME was to build a structure for two moving LED screens and the rigging for four aerial artists in front of these same screens.

Inspired by the port environment they used container handling trailers to compose the structures. With the support of their engineering partner Krasenbrink + Bastians, ES:ME developed and produced special steel adapters to fit the trailers and made all necessary load calculations for the composition of the supporting structure.

Safety was the main concern of ES:ME and a number of measures were implemented to make sure the structure would be used cautiously and defined the limits in terms weight and speed of the live performers and trucks.


Hamad Port Opening - ES:ME Entertainment - PRG Alliance

Technical drawings of the custom-made LED structure


Hamad Port Opening - ES:ME Entertainment - PRG Alliance


Qatar Hamad Port Opening

ES:ME team during the set up


 Qatar Hamad Port Opening

Aerial artists rehearsing in front of the LED screen

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