PRG Alliance organized its 6th Annual Summit in Hamburg

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The PRG Alliance Summit was held in the brand new offices of PRG in Hamburg and holds significant importance for its members as it allows them to meet annually, exchange knowledge, and engage in discussions on future collaborations. Under the theme "Collaboration is the future," members could share best practices, such as technology investments, procurement guidelines, and future initiatives for technical crew exchange. The meeting is also an opportunity for discussions about the similar challenges they face every day.

Alessandro Rosani, CTO of STS Communications in Italy, remarked, "It was a great opportunity to discuss important issues, such as labor shortage. It affects all of us, and together we can explore possible solutions."

This year, the PRG Alliance combined the summit with an exclusive backstage tour of the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) festival, held at the Hamburg Messe on May 9-10, 2023. The OMR festival is one of the world's largest events for digital marketing, conferences, networking, and technology. It introduces a new concept that combines live show elements with corporate events. PRG Germany served as the primary audiovisual supplier for this event.

Christian Unger, Senior Account Manager for PRG Germany, commented, "The OMR Festival is a very special project for us due to its massive size. This presents two main challenges: the large-scale technical setup and the coordination of the event crew team, which involved 300 people working for PRG during the peak days."

The Summit concluded with a dinner, further facilitating networking among members and the development of their relationships.

PRG Alliance dinner, Hamburg, 2023

For more information about OMR Festival, visit:

Since its establishment, the PRG Alliance has experienced growth in both size and reputation, offering technology, services, and support to event producers. Together, PRG and PRG Alliance are present in 27 countries.

Currently, the PRG Alliance consists of 13 members, including:

  • Alliance BR, Brazil
  • Easy Group, Cameroon
  • Ivas Group, Croatia
  • Sound and Visual, Greece
  • Visual Europe Group, Hungary
  • Energi9 Perkasa, Indonesia
  • Sincopa, Israel
  • STS Communication, Italy
  • Touareg Prod', Morocco
  • FX Road Lights, Portugal
  • StagePass, Kenya
  • The Show Company, Singapore
  • TKLS Total Korea, South Korea

PRG expresses gratitude to all the members who attended this gathering for their collaboration and commitment to the PRG Alliance.



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