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PRG Takes Home Both an LDI Product Award and a Parnelli Award as “Video Company of the Year”

PRG Wins Big in Las Vegas

PRG Takes Home Both an LDI Product Award and a Parnelli Award as “Video Company of the Year”

This past weekend, Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) took home two big wins on Saturday night while exhibiting at LDI 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.  Following an enthusiastic response and non-stop crowds in the PRG booth all Friday and Saturday, the LDI team was awarded the LDI Best Debuting Product – Staging and Rigging for the new PRG GroundControl™ Followspot System. Presented at the LDI Awards event on the show floor and accepted by PRG Product Manager for Luminaires Chris Conti, who thanked PRG’s Technology Development team, based in Dallas. He also thanked the industry colleagues who contributed feedback during development, especially Lighting Designer Bob Barnhart and the Full Flood team for their inspiration towards developing this revolutionary product.

The PRG GroundControl Followspot System allows the spot operator to be in a remote location up to 2,000’ away while operating a high output PRG Bad Boy® Spot automated luminaire as a followspot. GroundControl quite literally places the spot op safely on the ground and the physical footprint within the rig of the luminaire is just 30 inches round and weighs only 172 lbs. Because of this small footprint and low weight, followspots can now be placed in a wider variety of positions than they ever could before, reducing the weight and cumbersome challenges sometimes faced when incorporating a followspot into certain designs.

Later in the evening at the 15th Annual Parnelli Awards, a gala event and dinner held at the Rio Hotel & Casino, PRG was named the Video Rental Company of the Year. The Parnelli, named after Tour & Production Manager Rick ‘Parnelli’ O'Brien, holds prestige in the production industry as it reflects being nominated and voted upon by colleagues industry-wide. The award was accepted by Nick Jackson, Senior Vice President, PRG Music Group.

“This is a real honor,” notes Mickey Curbishley, CEO of the PRG Music Group. “Though the award was for our work on U2, it's really a reflection of everything we do on every level. Congratulations to our entire PRG team, certainly to everyone who worked so hard on the amazing U2 tour and a big thank you to everyone for voting for us as number one. You all keep us at the top of our game.”

The U2 tour’s stunning video visuals, achieved by the tour’s Video Director Stefaan ‘Smasher’ Desmedt, leveraged the scrim-like qualities of the PRG V-Thru LED Video modules. Built into two screens, each 96’ long by 23’ tall, consisted of 240 individual 28mm V-Thru panels with a 66% transparency for true scrim-like effects. Placed on either side of a 96’ long flown catwalk, Smasher took full advantage of the product’s semi-transparency to allow the band members to appear to become part of the video screen and interact with the content. PRG is providing full video support on U2’s iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour.

Both wins reflect PRG’s dedication to "work smarter" solutions that are designed to address today's complex production needs with truly uncompromising commitment to innovation, value, and performance. At PRG our pride in results is seen when our solutions become creative tools that are incorporated as element of the audience experience.

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PRG XL Video Logo
9/8/2015 Press Release

Production Resource Group Extends Brand in Germany and United Kingdom to include XL Video

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, today announced it will extend its branding in Germany and the United Kingdom to integrate the brand of the recently acquired XL Video Group.  The integrated companies will be known as PRG XL Video for a transition period while the operations are being merged. 

PRG will continue to use its brand name in all other countries across Europe and North America.  XL Video teams in those territories will be immediately transitioned into the PRG family. 

“Part of our decision to acquire XL Video was the premier value of its brand in many of our markets,” said Jeremiah J. Harris, PRG’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  “We recognize that the XL Video name and logo are synonymous with outstanding quality, customer service, and technical expertise in some of our territories, equal to that of PRG – and so after careful consideration, we have decided to operate with integrated branding for a transition period in those locations.”

“Our aim when joining the two companies was to create a strong foundation for continued growth,” said Stephan Paridaen, PRG’s President and Chief Operating Officer.  “We believe integrated branding in Germany and the United Kingdom is a terrific introduction of our combined capabilities to our customers and markets.”   

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Sao Paulo Regional Summit

PRG Alliance Regional Summit in Sao Paulo showcases local members and promotes technical discussion

PRG Alliance organized in August the first edition of its Regional Summit, an event tailored to the regional needs of the Alliance - and the first city chosen for the event was Sao Paulo.

The event received attendees from event agencies and show producers from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais in the segments of corporate events, concert touring and theater. The occasion was perfect to present the three Brazilian members as part PRG Alliance, the global network of technical production services for events - the companies Crialed, supplier of video solutions and LED screens; LPL, specialist in lighting systems for shows and events; and Loudness with the expertise in audio systems and consulting for events, live recording and special projects. 

The event started with the welcome message from Tom Van Hemelryck, Director of the PRG Alliance: "We are happy with the support the three Brazilian members have been providing to the PRG Alliance members. We chose these companies because they have a work philosophy similar to PRG - investing in quality equipment, trained technical staff and growth through collaboration".

After a presentation from the Brazilian members there was a panel discussion on Trends in Technology Production, with the participation of experts in technical direction of auidovisual and lighting: Andreas Schmidt from Audio Bizz, Gian Bortolotti from iBeam; Macgyver Zitto from Produtores Associados; Mauricio Afram from Extratech and Nico Gomes from NGPA-LTDA. The debate had a casual tone where all participants talked openly about the challenges of the Brazilian market and what to expect for the future - "Brazil already receives foreign productions with a high quality technical services, comparable to international standards", says Nico Gomes during the discussions, complemented by the other participants who agreed that the biggest challenge for the future is the investment in specialized human resources - "Today we already have a high demand for technical professionals in this sector, and I believe this demand will increase with time. I am confident that the Brazilian companies will keep up with the technological updates in equipment. What we all have to pay attention is the investment in humam capital to have the capacity to serve the large productions coming to the country", says Macgyver Zitto.

The event finished with a closed session for the members with a workshop in International Rigging Standards and a demo of the new Icon Beam lights - this knowledge will benefit directly the entertainment industry in Brazil since all the learning will be applied in local productions.

PRG Alliance is producing two other regional events for its members in the coming months, in Hamburg and in Shanghai, bringing information exchange and workshops to all members in the EMEA and Asia regions.

Members presentation at the Sao Paulo Regional Summit

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STS Communication, PRG Alliance member in Italy, delivers video technology for Jovanotti tour

After the great success of 2013, Jovanotti returned to the stadium circuit with a powerful, colorful and fun show. It would be simplistic to call it "just" a concert: it is instead a comprehensive spectacle, a major technological production that required a year time to set up, two and a half hours of quality production in which Lorenzo once again showed his spirit of experimentation and fun.

An incredibly big stage in the form of a lightning bolt that seemed to expand and shift dramatically, allowing a perfect view from every seat.

As for the last tour, STS Communication once again handled the video technology, starting with the giant screen, also in the shape of a lightning bolt: 800 square meters of 8.9mm LED, an image of more than 5000 base pixels created by the alignment of 3 Pandora’s Box media servers and custom built masks.

For the live broadcast and content, STS provided full HD portable production unit with 9 cameras and contents management with 6 Pandora’s Box media servers and 2 media players, all of it with active backup to ensure the fluidity of the show.  

Lorenzo negli Stadi 2015 started on 20 June in Ancona and concluded on 30 July in Bari, with three consecutive dates in Milan in between, all completely sold out. 

Public at the show and the view to the stage.

The central LED panel impressive effect in the evening.

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Tomorrowland 2015

Tomorrowland 2015 Goes Out With a Bang in Belgium

After three days of madness, Tomorrowland 2015 has come to an end! As many as 180,000 People of Tomorrow forgot their troubles and danced their hearts out to the beats of David Guetta, Avicii, Steve Aoki and many, many more. Once again, PRG Belgium took on part of the technical challenge. We provided light and trussing for the MainStage, Frame Stage, Opera Stage and the Garden of Madness, taking advantage of our PRG Best Boy Washes, PRG Bad Boy, and the brand new Icon Beam, which is only available from PRG. We also supplied audio equipment for the Candy Stage.

Check out the slideshow for Tomorrowland 2015

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PRG Alliance is now on Facebook

Our new PRG Alliance Facebook page is up and running! 

Keep up with news and events from PRG Alliance partners around the globe.

We are sharing information about new members and services, collaboration cases and all about PRG Alliance technology exchange events. 

Be sure to like our page at and stay up to date with the PRG Alliance world.

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Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

PRG converts marble stone quarry into freestyle motorcycle stage. 

Production Resource Group AG (PRG) in Germany supported the prestigious “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour” as it stopped in the Greek capital Athens for the first time, Friday, June 12th. The multi-annual competition, hosted by Red Bull since 2001, sees the best freestyle athletes of the motocross scene (FMX) competing against one another in some of the most fantastically unusual locations around the globe. 

The world-renowned Dionyssos marble stone quarry, on the outskirts of Athens, served as the spectacular stage for the second stop of this year’s “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.” Throughout history the quarry birthed many famous Greek and Roman monuments and sculptures, such as the preeminent Acropolis. PRG’s elaborate lighting installation ensured that 12 of the world’s best FMX drivers were able to successfully bridge ancient and modern times. The design for this great show was done by the German lighting designer Florian Schreiter. 

The installation was challenging – tight access points, wind, dust, darkness, and long cable paths. A complex lighting and power network had to be installed without impairing the performance of the athletes or the view of the 1,000 fans in attendance. At the center of PRG’s solution was four 100kw SoftSuns – providing tremendous brightness to the course while hanging from truck mounted cranes. These are ideal fixtures for lighting large areas and sports events. 

Another challenge was presented on an even larger area of 200 x 250 meters. The driveways leading up to the FMX course required light as well, yet no rigging points existed. The solution – PRG constructed a two-story high platform with the help of truck mounted cranes to position the array of lighting fixtures and operating personnel. 

The season opening of this year’s “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour” took place at the Plaza de Toros monument in Mexico City, Friday, March 6th. After the stop in Athens the tour continues on Friday, July 10th in Madrid at the bullring “Las Ventas.” The athletes rock the city of Pretoria during their 4th stop Saturday, September 12th. The Tour’s grand finale is Friday, October 30th in the United Arab Emirates. 

Pictures from the “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour”

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PRG Alliance Member FX Roadlights

PRG Alliance Welcomes New Member in Portugal

The PRG Alliance is proud to announce its new member, FX Road Lights in Portugal. With the addition of FX Road Lights, PRG Alliance continues to increase its global reach to help serve international clients everywhere they go.

FX Road Lights was founded in 2002 in Portugal as a lighting design company to meet the demands of an expanding market in lighting and effects solutions for events and TV productions. Over the years, the company expanded its area of expertise to video as a visual complement to their lighting design work.

Over the past 13 years, the company has created a deep and varied project portfolio through pairing an experienced creative team with deep technical know-how. FX Road Lights is today a creative company, exploring new concepts of lighting and video in live music concerts, corporate events, and television shows.

FX Road Lights has shown their capability in lighting and video systems, investing in high-quality equipment and technical expertise,” says Tom Van Hemelryck, PRG Alliance Director. “Now they are ready to take the company to the next level and we are pleased to have their support in Portugal.

We are expanding our business to service new markets, including corporate events and international concert touring,” explains Leocadia Silva, General Director of FX Road Lights. “We are thrilled with the business opportunities that are opening up to us with the PRG Alliance partnership. Portugal has great events and we are ready to embrace future challenges with the backing of the exceptional proficiency in the PRG Alliance network."

More information on FX Road Lights and all PRG Alliance members is available at

FX Road Lights Team

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PRG Alliance logo

Collaboration was the word at the 1st PRG Alliance Summit

Production Resource Group, L.L.C., (PRG) recently concluded the first PRG Alliance Summit, held on 16th April 2015 during the Prolight + Sound 2015 trade fair at the Festhalle Messe Frankfurt. Prolight + Sound is the leading international trade fair for the event-technology sector and covers all products, trades, and services for this market segment. This was the ideal event to bring together the PRG Alliance members and at the Summit, there were 28 countries represented by 65 attendees. Since the PRG Alliance was launched at Prolight + Sound 2014, the Summit also marked its one-year anniversary.

“This is a milestone for the PRG Alliance,“ said Tom Van Hemelryck, Director of the PRG Alliance. “In just one year, 13 of the world’s most highly regarded technical event production companies have joined the PRG Alliance. They bring to the PRG Alliance, a tremendous depth of expertise, a commitment to customer service, and a global breadth of coverage that is unequalled in our industry.“

The event was an opportunity for the Alliance members to network as well as attend meetings about the latest PRG Alliance developments, learn about PRG business insights, and participate in discussions about the future of the industry. A highlight of the event was the Market Trend panel sessions with production specialists from the Entertainment, Special Ceremonies, and Corporate Events segments. The esteemed panelists included Valerie O’Keeffe, CEO from Brighter Than The Sun; Designer Koert Vermeulen, Founder of ACT Lighting Design; Remi Oerlemans, Chief Creative Officer at DVP Event Marketing; Executive Producer Ben Hawkins from George P. Johnson; Production Manager David Wright; and Nick Eltis, Senior Technical Director for the European Games Baku 2015.

“We were happy to attend the PRG Alliance Summit and participate in discussions valuable to our business,“ commented Rasmus Bremer, CEO, [Lite]com A/S, a PRG Alliance member in Sweden and Denmark. “We appreciate this new partnership as it will help us to achieve a global reach. At this summit it was obvious that a powerful alliance is taking shape and we are looking forward to being a part of it.“

Today the PRG Alliance has 13 members present in 22 countries, these include:

Brazil: Crialed Producoes Visuais, Loudness Sonorizacao, and LPL Lighting Productions

Italy: STS Communication & New Light Group

Malaysia: Orange Events

Singapore: The Show Company

South Korea: Ally&Co, Total Korea, and Basictech/p>

Sweden and Denmark: [Lite]com

Turkey: Phantom Event Engineering

For more information about the PRG Alliance, please go to

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Production Resource Group Announces Plans to Acquire XL Video

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) today announced that it has agreed to acquire the XL Video Group, one of the largest providers of premier multi-market video services. PRG Chairman & CEO Jeremiah J. Harris and Lucas Covers, the Group CEO of XL Video jointly made the announcement.

XL Video, founded in 1995, has established itself as leading video services supplier around the world. The company is a multi-award winning provider of creative video solutions for concert touring, corporate events, exhibitions, automotive, television, sports, and theatre. Like PRG, XL Video supports creative designers and producers with full technical support in putting together cutting-edge video solutions for some of the most innovative and aesthetically daring shows in the world.

For PRG’s worldwide clients, this acquisition expands their access to the wide range of creative video technology and services that they already enjoy. They can continue to be confident in the quality of product, production expertise, and professionalism when further integrating video into their productions and events.

“By combining XL Video with PRG, we are creating a tremendously valuable resource for event and entertainment producers anywhere in the world”, said PRG’s Harris. “The integrated company will be able to offer an exceptional breadth of production technologies and depth of industry expertise.”

Upon completion, XL Video’s worldwide locations will become part of PRG’s network of over 40 locations in key cities around the world.

“As XL Video, we have worked on some of the largest and highest profile concert tours, television shows, automotive and corporate events around the globe,” commented Covers. “We have established a client base that has become more sophisticated in their expectations of the standard of video production. As part of PRG, we will continue to exceed their expectations and raise the bar on video production.”

Stephan Paridaen, PRG’s Global President and Chief Operating Officer, concluded, “PRG and XL Video are extremely well positioned to provide a multi-disciplined, integrated solution. Making the XL Video team part of the PRG family, will be extremely beneficial to our clients and this has been our top priority from the start.”

The transaction is expected to close before the end of the second quarter subject to customary closing conditions.

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STS Communication takes part in the launch of Milan World Expo 2015

On April 30, the eve of opening day, Paolo Bonolis and Antonella Clerici hosted an impressive evening concert, broadcast worldwide from Piazza Duomo on Rai 1 and streamed on the website ‘Expo Milano 2015 site: The opening’. The star of the show was Andrea Bocelli, along with many distinguished international guests, accompanied by the choir and the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala. Closing the festivities was the emotional lighting of the Tree of Life.

The official opening ceremony was held the next day on May 1 at the Open Air Theater of the Expo, also broadcast live on Rai 1 and in streaming: a ceremony with a strong institutional identity, meant to convey the values ​​of tradition and Italian excellence, and to emphasize the importance of this great event for Italy and for the whole world.

After the welcome speech of Giuseppe Sala, Sole Commissioner for Expo 2015, the audience heard from the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, the President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni, the President of the Bureau International des Expositions and finally the eagerly awaited Pope Francis, live from Vatican City.

The official start of Expo Milano 2015 came with the speech by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who then concluded the celebrations with the signing of the Charter of Milan.

STS Communication is proud to have been selected to be part of these two great events by the producers (Havas Events Milan for the evening of April 30, Filmmaster Events for the ceremony of May 1), providing video technology support, our core business for over 30 years.

For the evening in Piazza Duomo, two 9mm outdoor LED screens, 45 sq/m each for the live broadcast, as well as contribution management.

For the opening ceremony, two 9mm outdoor LED screens of 40 sq/m each, 4-camera HD portable production unit, contribution management, management of Skype connection with Antarctica using mobile means, interfacing of audio-video signals with RAI for the intervention from Vatican City.


Official opening ceremony on May 1 at the Open Air Theater of the Expo

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