PRG Post Management Team

What makes the PRG staff and crew members different from other entertainment technology companies is a passion for success. People that you can rely on not only to fulfill your production needs but more so as partners focused on the same goal; to provide outstanding equipment and service no matter how challenging your project may be.

  • Bob Barzyk
  • Chris Albert
  • Eric Goebel

Bob Barzyk

Vice President, PRG Post

Bob started making TV in the mid 70's when everything was done by hand with grease pencils to mark edit points on tape. Since then, he has spent thousands of hours developing and managing new technologies and efficient workflows without losing sight of the creative process or the relationships with his many loyal clients.

Bob started Pow! Pix in 1993 and went on to win three Emmy's over 15 years. In 2010 Pow! Pix joined PRG and Bob formed the media group now known as PRG Post. In his role as VP, Post Production, Bob continues to provide personal attention and inventive solutions to PRG clients around the world.

Chris Albert

Business Development, PRG Post

Chris came to PRG Post in 2014 with nearly 30 years experience in media content production. His career spans the industry from his start as a music Recording Engineer in the 1980’s to developing new business for several of New York’s major post-production facilities, production companies, and agencies. Managing projects end-to-end for film, television, corporate events, and digital marketing. Chris brings to PRG Post his expertise in budgeting and managing workflow for content production in nearly any format.

Eric Goebel

Technical Director

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