Customer and project references

  • Agencies & Planners
  • Automotive
  • Dance & Show Events
  • Television
  • Music Industry
  • Public, Sports & Major Events
  • Theater, Art & Classical Music
  • Companies & organizations
  • Film

Agencies & Planners

We work for many event and advertising agencies – large and small, national and international – often in connection with tradeshows, presentations, employee events, meetings and other corporate events. But agencies also often contract out for art and culture projects. Depending on the type of project, we are also hired in parallel to agencies, or we ourselves will involve an agency.


In the automotive sector, we mainly work for manufacturers, agencies and booth builders. The projects we support range from smaller events at local car dealerships to international tradeshows on all continents.

A selection of brands we have worked for:

Audi • Bentley • BMW • Bugatti • Chrysler • Citroen • Ford • General Motors • Hyundai • Kia • Lexus • MAN • Mercedes-Benz • Mini • Mitsubishi • Opel • Porsche • Renault • Seat • Skoda • Toyota • Volkswagen

Dance & Show Events

We often work for dance events featuring electronic dance music (EDM). We provide equipment for individual events with one or just a few DJs, as well for as entire festivals. Often there are also dance music areas as part of "normal" music festivals and we have worked on projects Worldwide from small to large stages and productions

We also often work for show events where music is not the focus, such as Horse shows, wrestling, motorcycle or air shows, that could be standalone shows or tour productions. 


In the TV sector, we mainly work for broadcasters, production companies and studios. We serve as subcontractors for video technology, e.g., or can handle the overall technical organization and coordination of a production. This includes creative services, such as designing the lighting and video content, but no concept or curatorial services.

Music Industry

In the music industry, we mainly work for artists, managers and promoters. Projects include individual concerts, national and international tours, or festivals and PRG has worked with the best known artists and their tours Worldwide.

Public, Sports & Major Events

We include opening and closing ceremonies, inaugurations, public celebrations, etc. in this segment, as well as athletic events of all kinds. Our customers include organizing committees, cities, governments, political parties and sports associations.

An excerpt of projects we played a key role in: 

Asian Games• EU Expansion • Introduction of the Euro • FIFA Final Draw • FIFA World Cup • Church Congresses • National Day Parade Singapore • Summer Olympics • Winter Olympics • Burj Khalifa Opening • Pan American Games • Paralympics • Swimming World Championships • Southeast Asian Games • Special Olympics • Youth Olympic Games Singapore

Theater, Art & Classical Music

In the theater industry we mainly support theater festivals, tours and musicals – but we also include other events held in musical and other theater venues in this segment. Art projects we service are often held in public spaces and in connection with other events (e.g. city marketing projects). In the field of classical music we support individual events, festivals and tours. We also regularly support crossover events (classical and pop).

A selection of artists and projects from the field of theater, art & classical music that PRG has supported:

Aida • Best of Musical • Blue Goals Hamburg • CATS • Dirty Dancing • Erfurter Domfestspiele • Kein Pardon • Kulturhauptstadt Weimar • The Lion King • Moscow Festival of Lights • Night of the Proms • Rocky • Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival • Spiderman • Stomp • Turandot • We Will Rock You

Companies & organizations

Our work in the field of ​​corporate events is distributed fairly equally among companies, organizations and agencies – but we also work for other clients on occasion. In this Segment you find congresses, conferences, conventions, presentations, celebrations, balls, staff and customer events. We not only take on partial services, such as the event technology, but also act as a general contractor if favored.

Some of our clients in the corporate segment are:

AIDA Cruises • Allianz • Axel Springer Verlag • BASF • Bayer • Burda • Chanel • Deutsche Bahn • Deutsche Bundesregierung • Deutsche Telekom • Comdirect • Dior • DVAG • FIFA • Fielmann • HMI • ING • Johnson & Johnson • Jungheinrich • Linde • MediaMarkt • McDonalds • Microsoft • Nokia • Panasonic • Philips • REWE • Rolex • SAP • Siemens • Toshiba • TUI • UEFA • Unilever • Verdi • Wella • Viessmann • Villeroy & Boch 


We work for many national and international projects in the field of cinema, commercials and TV movies.

PRG usually provides rigging, lighting and video equipment. The technical departments camera, grip equipment and film lighting are operated in Europe by our subsidiary Cinegate and in the U.S. by our sister company Paskal Lighting. Customers mainly include advertisers, advertising agencies, movie and television production companies, studios, broadcasters, and music producers.

A selection of projects PRG group was involved in: 

Armageddon • Django Unchained • Ein starkes Team • Der Fall Harry Wörz • The Fast and the Furious • Flaschenpost an meinen Mann • Gegen die Wand • Hunger Games • Iron Man • König von Deutschland • Kreuzweg • Lola rennt • Master of the Universe • MediaMarkt Werbung • Mercedes-Benz Werbung • Nivea Werbung • Oblivion • Pearl Harbour • Resident Evil • Rubinrot • Tatort • Schwarzkopf Werbung • The Social Network • Transformers • Twilight • X-Men

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