From our 32nd Street and Park Avenue facility, PRG Post combines editorial talent with technical finesse in a creative and relaxed environment. We provide expansive non-linear editing solutions for broadcast series, televised sports and entertainment events, feature films, and documentaries.

With our shared storage systems and over 100 terabytes of high-speed shared storage, we can easily manage many hours of full-resolution multi-cam HD content. In addition, our mix room is networked directly to any one of our ten edit rooms so you can mix and cut within one digital space, hassle-free.

Your projects are protected by a facility-wide Leibert power conditioner/back-up. Your producers have access 24-hours a day with electronic security locks. Every room has direct-dial telephones with private voicemail and free long distance phone calls. Wired and encrypted wireless internet access over our new dedicated 100MB/sec connection.

  • Ten edit rooms and a large workgroup room for ingest and file transcoding
  • Non-linear editing with shared storage across all rooms
  • Pro Tools 5.1 surround mix room with video satellite that allows sequences to be played directly from the same server the edit rooms are working on, streamlining the editorial and finishing process. Computer controlled audio monitoring provides accurate reproduction of mixes
  • Equipment usage reports
  • Two Color Correction rooms running the latest offerings from Avid Symphony and DaVinci Resolve, also on the same shared storage for stream lined workflow
  • 5.1 Mix
  • Color/Finishing
  • Edit Suites
  • Equipment Rental
  • Production
  • Remotes

5.1 Mix

Our state-of-the-art, ProTools 5.1 mix room is built for speed. Integrated into our shared storage network, our mix room can ride on the same media as our edit suites and color rooms, streamlining the mix process and making additional editorial seamless.

We offer a 16 channel flying fader D-Control work surface with surround joystick panners, Genelec DSP monitors (3 x 8250 (L C R), 2 x 8240 (Ls Rs) 7270A 12” subwoofer), and a fully computer controlled and digitally tuned listening environment.

In addition, the mix room includes Dolby E DP571 Encoder and DP572 Decoder, a Dolby DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool, Linear Acoustic UPMAX 2251 5.1 surround-field synthesizer, Waves Platinum Bundle, and access to a 60,000+ sound effects library. Finally, the mix room features a large, floating, and isolated VO Booth with video conferencing.


Our finishing suites are built with the latest offerings from Avid Symphony, and DaVinci Resolve with Avid Euphonix Color Control Surfaces or Tangent Wave Panels.

Tied into our shared storage network and mix room, we specialize in broadcast clients and independent films requiring high quality, quick turn arounds.

We offer a full compliment of decks, from HDCAM SR to DVC Pro, for mastering and outputs, as well as LTFS archiving.

Edit Suites

From our 32nd Street facility in New York City, PRG Post provides expansive non-linear editing solutions for broadcast series, televised sports, entertainment events, feature films and documentaries. Our engineering department manages multiple shared storage solutions including Unity 5 and ISIS 5000, seamlessly integrated into our 10 edit suites.

We cater to clients requiring a streamlined approach to post production, taking on some of the most challenging projects in the world. We match the ideal editorial talent to suite the creative of your project, big or small.

The facility includes 24 hour electronic security access, wired and encrypted wireless internet with a dedicated 100 MB/sec connection, and a facility wide Leibert power conditioner and backup. We run the latest versions of Media Composer / Symphony, Adobe After Effects / Premiere, as well as FInal Cut 7. In addition, we offer a fully functional kitchen space with complimentary craft services, and a production “pit” for assistant editors and loggers.

Shared environment workflows are the backbone of our 32nd Street edit facility conveniently located in Manhattan.

Equipment Rental

Pre-assembled flypacks and rack-mounted mobile edit systems (Mac & PC Platform):

  • Symphony / Media Composer Nitiris DX
  • Adobe Premier / After Effects
  • Apple Final Cut

Avid and Final Cut storage solutions

  • Avid ISIS 5000
  • Avid Unity 5
  • Video Raid

Inventory of decks:

  • DVC Pro HD/SD
  • D5
  • HDV
  • DigiBeta
  • DVCam
  • Beta SP

Switchers and web streaming:

  • Tricaster 850 Extreme

Camera packages:

  • ARRI Alexa
  • RED Epic / Scarlet
  • Canon C300
  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Panasonic AF 100
  • Black Magic Cinema Camera


Web streaming live productions is the corner stone of our production services. Be it a multi-cam music event or a corporate product launch, PRG Post has you covered.

We also offer fully integrated ENG crews for content creation. Camera rental packages include ARRI Alexa, RED Epic / Scarlet, Canon C300 and 5D Mark III, Black Magic Cinema, and Panasonic AF100’s. No project is too big, or too small.


PRG Post offers world class resources to our clients in the field. For over a decade, we’ve worked with broadcasters all over the world on live sporting events, fashion shows, award ceremonies and even game shows.

We deploy auto-failover ISIS and Unity systems bringing shared-resource environments to any project, anywhere.

We have an extensive broadcast engineering background and can build an efficient post production solution tailored to your project’s specific requirements. We are able to seamlessly interface with production trucks, provide EVS/Avid integration, take and send router feeds, and roll live to the truck or internet.

With depots in Los Angeles and New York we have gear, whenever, where ever you need it.

PRG Post Demo Reel

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