Our services for themed entertainment

  • Custom Lighting
  • Standard Lighting
  • LED White Light Bullet
  • UV Bullet
  • ReNEW™ 2.0

Custom Lighting

Shed new light on your space with custom lighting. Whether you are looking to complete your look with an accent piece or looking to highlight a favorite item in the room, we can produce a custom light to your specifications. Prototyping & mockups, low volume production runs to full rollout capabilities. All products designed and/or modified to meet all current UL, cUL and CE certifications.

Some of our custom solutions have included:

Chandeliers —

    • Starburst Chandelier
    • Petals Chandelier
    • Light Burst Chandelier
    • Whimsical Chandelier
    • Burst Light LED Chandelier
    • Shimmer Chandelier
    • Light Chandelier
    • Light Drop Chandelier

Track Heads —

    • Vintage Track Light Heads
    • Retail Track Heads
    • Highlight Track Heads
    • Track Head Barn Doors

Sconces —

    • Room Number Sconces
    • Metallic Sconces
    • Outdoor Lantern Sconces
    • Screen-Printed Pendant Sconces
    • Grader Sconces

Pendants and Shades —

    • Square Retail Shade
    • Miniature Retail Pendants
    • Perforated Pendant Shade
    • Restaurant Pendant Lights
    • Geometric Pendant Shade
    • Double Drum Shade
    • Flat Retail Pendant Lights
    • A-Shape Pendant Shade
    • Chinese Lantern Shade
    • Ornate Ceiling Pendant
    • Large Drum Shade Pendant
    • Globe Pendant Shade

Table and Floor Lamps —

    • Swing Arm Lamp  
    • Hexagon Table Lamp
    • Bird Table Lamp
    • Candlestick Lamp
    • Globe Lamp
    • Hexagon Floor Lamp

Standard Lighting

We understand our customer’s objectives and are able to provide solutions through design and technology. We can provide value engineering without sacrificing reliability or quality. PRG’s Retail, Hospitality + Architectural group (RH+A) experts can help you address your architectural lighting needs and take them to a new level. By applying both proprietary luminaire solutions as well as the right top-quality standard luminaire to architectural markets worldwide, we help our clients create a presence, attract new visitors, and keep their clients coming back.

PRG Proprietary Architectural Luminaires available through PRG RH+A include:

    • LED White Light Bullet UV Bullet
    • UV Bullet
    • ReNEW

LED White Light Bullet

The White Light Bullet, a focusable white light LED luminaire, addresses the needs of lighting designers and specifiers who require a small, lightweight spotlight. This refined luminaire offers a high output of over 2,200 lumens with tool-free versatility to allow for precise control in a range of architectural and entertainment applications.

The full featured White Light Bullet produces a powerful output housed in a discreet, compact form factor, which is important for architectural and retail environments as well as themed environments. This focusable luminaire uses a high output, long life 3,000K white LED module for wash and spot lighting applications. The WL Bullet dims smoothly over the whole output range and draws only 24-watts. It offers a focal range from 18° to 60° and has a proprietary focusing lens.

The Bullet is compatible with DMX-512A, requiring one DMX channel per fixture. It has feed thru DMX VIA RJ45 connectors and is fully addressable via three rotary dials. There is also Stand-Alone functionality that includes manual dimming, strobe, fade and full-on options.

LED White Light Bullet Data Sheet

Bullet QuickStart

Bullet UserManual

Bullet Outdoor PowerSupply

UV Bullet

The UV Bullet™, a focusable ultraviolet LED luminaire for blacklight effects, addresses the needs of lighting designers and specifiers who require a small, lightweight UV spotlight for blacklight highlights. This refined luminaire offers high output with tool-free versatility to allow true precision blacklight effects in a range of entertainment and architectural applications. Packed with features, the UV Bullet produces a powerful ultraviolet output while housed in a discreet, compact form factor, which is important for themed environments, architectural and retail markets.

This focusable ultraviolet luminaire uses a powerful 365 nanometer UV-A-LED emitter for stunning blacklight effects with minimal visible light. The UV Bullet, which dims smoothly over the whole output range, draws only 18-watts yet offers a high output that surpasses much larger UV luminaires that typically use discharge lamps and which can’t be dimmed. A key feature of this UV spot luminaire is a uniquely designed 8:1 focus range zoom— from a tight 7° spot to an extra wide 55° flood. The focus mechanism requires no change of lens, no tools, and is lockable for permanent installations. The UV Bullet is ideally suited to illuminate only the desired targets allowing designers to create optical illusions and blacklight effects with pinpoint accuracy with control and focus flexibility that also easily fits into a range of installation environments.

UV Bullet Data Sheet

Bullet QuickStart

Bullet UserManual

Bullet Outdoor PowerSupply

ReNEW™ 2.0

The PRG RH+A ReNEW 2.0 LED Retrofit Assembly is an LED light engine designed to work in conjunction with the lens tube and shutter assemblies of the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Source Four® ellipsoidal. Exchanging the tungsten light source of the Source Four with the LED source of the ReNEW 2.0 Assembly reduces energy consumption, labor and HVAC costs while producing lumen output that exceeds a 750W Long Life HPL lamp.

The ReNEW 2.0 produces a lumens output, comparable to a Source Four ellipsoidal with a 750W HPL lamp, while drawing just 210-watts. The ReNEW has a chip on board LED array paired with a specially designed reflector and lens. The lens and reflector are designed to provide optimal illuminance distribution through the Source Four lens system. The unit works with all ETC lens tubes—both standard and Extended Definition Lens Tubes (EDLT) and all Source Four accessories.

Two fixed color temperatures are available—ReNEW 2.0 Tungsten with a 3,000K color temperature; and the ReNEW 2.0 Daylight with a 5,700K color temperature. The ReNEW 2.0 can be operated with one, two, or three channels of DMX control or operated in standalone operation without DMX. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice output when switching from a tungsten to an LED source.

ReNew 2.0

ReNew 2.0 LD



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