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This control consoles page contains an overview of the lighting control consoles we most commonly rent. Of course, we also have other products in our inventory that are not shown here. Because we constantly adjust our inventory, the composition of our equipment assets is constantly changing. Please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

  • PRG V676
  • PRG V476
  • ETC Eos Console
  • ETC Ion
  • MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size
  • MA Lighting grandMA2 light
  • MA Lighting grandMA full-size
  • MA Lighting grandMA light

PRG V676

702 DMX Universes
3072 Parameters per Node+
6 DMX Outputs per Node+
10 Motorized Submaster Fader
View PRG V676 product details

PRG V476

702 DMX Universes
3072 parameters per Node+
6 DMX Outputs per Node+
10 Submaster Motorized Fader
View PRG V476 product details

ETC Eos Console

Up To 12288 Parameters
10,000 Channels Max
10 Motorized Playback Faders
Up to 999 Cue Lists
View ETC Eos Console product details


Up To 6144 Parameters
16,000 Channels Max
Up to 4 users in an Ion Network
Supports up to 6 external Fader Wings
View ETC Ion product details

MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size

256 DMX Universes
8.192 HTP/LTP Parameters
6 DMX Outputs
View MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size product details

MA Lighting grandMA2 light

256 DMX Universes
4.096 HTP/LTP Parameters
6 DMX Outputs
15 Executor Motorized Fader
View MA Lighting grandMA2 light product details

MA Lighting grandMA full-size

64 DMX-universes
4096 HTP-/LTP Parameters Standalone
4 DMX Outputs
20 Motorized Fader (Executor/Channel)

MA Lighting grandMA light

64 DMX Universes
4096 HTP-/LTP Parameters Standalone
4 DMX Outputs
10 Motorized Fader (Executor/Channel)


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