Stage Curtain Accessories

PRG Showdrapes offer a number of accessories for working with drapes, screens, and backdrops.

  • Drapery Storage Bags
  • Drapery Sash Cord
  • Drapery G-Quick Fasteners
  • Easyfix Fasteners

Drapery Storage Bags

We produce drapery storage bags to keep soft goods clean and in good working condition. Showdrape storage bags are available in various sizes and made from durable material for years of use. We also manufacture cyclorama dust covers for on-batten storage and protection of your cyclorama.

Drapery Sash Cord

Showdrapes carries a range of sash cord including 3.5mm (ideal for curtain ties) and 6mm diameters in both black and white. These braided 100% polyester cords are ideal for theatre applications offering strength and durability. Other cords are available on request.

Drapery G-Quick Fasteners

An alternative to the traditional methods of hanging drapery and screens onto pipe battens, these award winning clips have proven to be up to 4 x faster than using standard ties  for attaching. Available in black colour, plus red for identifying the centre clip. (Minimum 10 units per order).

Drapery G-Quick Fasteners Datasheet

Easyfix Fasteners

An easy alternative to traditional eyes and ties for hanging banners, material signs, netting etc and for side tensioning of cycloramas and backdrops. Used with Spannfix Bungee Cords they are a perfect way to tension materials within frames or truss.

Easyfix Fasteners Datasheet

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