Stage Curtain & Screen Finishes

There are many considerations when designing curtains. The finish of the drape will affect the performance and functionality of the finished product. The fullness of the drape, the top finish, the base finish, and the hanging method are all considerations that PRG Showdrapes staff can provide expert advice on. PRG can also provide you with custom finishes and alternative solutions for unique installations.

Below are some examples of the most common standard finishes. 

  • Fullness
  • 50% Fullness
  • 100% Fullness
  • Flat
  • Eyes & Ties
  • Hook & Loop Tabs
  • Tape & Hooks


When a drape has pleats or is gathered, it is referred to as having ‘fullness’. By putting fullness into a drape you can increase sound absorption as well as add visual interest to your space. The fullness pleating is often sewn into the top heading of the drape. The amount of fullness can vary according to the curtain type and material. PRG can advise on the right fullness for the fabric chosen and the intended use of the drapery.

50% Fullness

This method uses 1.5 times the width of the finished drape to provide some pleating. Commonly used for black stage masking.

100% Fullness

This method uses twice the width of the finished drape for very full pleating. Commonly used for Grand Front Drapes and acoustic masking.


This refers to any drape or screen sewn flat without any pleats. If fullness is required, a flat drape can be tied onto the pipe or batten overlapping the ties to create the illusion of pleats for the necessary amount of fullness. Suitable for cyclorama, gauzes and most backdrops.

Eyes & Ties

Eyelets (available in black or brass) are installed into the webbing at the top of the curtain or screen, typically at 300mm centres. To tie the drape to track bobbins, pipe or batten, 3.5 mm polyester sash cord ties are supplied.

Hook & Loop Tabs

This finish is often used on exhibition style drapes, where the drapes are supported on telescopic drape support kits. The tabs are often 250mm apart and are sewn as such that the drape will sit up and cover the supporting pipe to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Tape & Hooks

This finish is often used in conjunction with light weight curtain tracks. We typically use a 50mm curtain tape to finish off the top of the drape. For lightweight drapes, a 25mm Rufflette Tape can be used to provide gathering. Fullness is generally around 100% depending on the fabric type.

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