Stage Flame Retardancy

Safety is always paramount and PRG takes its role in ensuring that customers receive the best practices in flame retardancy of its drapes and fabrics. PRG knows this can be a complicated issue. It is not easy to navigate the maze of standards, regulations and requirements. We can help you with fabric selection to ensure that your venue or show drapery is compliant with local regulations.

Stage fabrics should be tested and certificated according to Australian Standards 1530 Part 2 & 3. The results of these tests are then referenced against applicable building standards or codes.

PRG is pro-active in introducing new inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabrics specifically designed for use in the entertainment industry. To make it simple for our customers, we have introduced a range of IFR fabrics including our flagship IFR wool fabrics and our Grand IFR Velvet. Our IFR fabrics were developed by PRG specifically for theatre and studio use and are made from material that does not need chemical treatment to achieve or maintain flame retardant status.

PRG's IFR rating ensures:

+ no chemical treatments are required to achieve IFR status

+ no future chemical treatment required (as with non-IFR fabrics) resulting in significant savings

+ continuous compliance to fire safety regulations

+ environmentally friendly, chemical-free finish

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