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The PRG Warehouse Sessions aim to support promising young artists and their bands by giving them the opportunity to work closely with PRG's world-renowned designers and technical specialists.

We are looking for the next generation of Belgian musical talent who wants to perform LIVE on a stage which is fully equipped in our PRG warehouse in Tildonk. The performance will be recorded by a professional team, promoted, and handed out to the artists and their bands for their own usage.

As global experts in the fields of audio-, video-, light-, motion-, rigging-, broadcast- and event-technology, we work towards technical perfection in environment in which the artists' performances and musical identities can thrive.

These are the ever so promising bands which have already participated at our PRG Warehouse Sessions: Ramkot, ILA, Bluai, Aarde Aan Daan, Brent Beukelaer, Løyd, Isaac Roux, Caspar Auwerkerke.

See how they liked the experience, and how they performed in the videos below.



What can PRG do for you?

Step 1:
We talk about your needs, take your budget into account and start brainstorming. We talk about creative visions and contemplate solutions to the concepts we build together.

Step 2:
We prepare a 3D plan and documentation to visualize your dream before the day of the event. We select the right equipment and people, and come up with custom technical solutions for your needs.

Step 3:
We prepare the equipment, take care of the logistics and brief the crew to ensure the show runs smoothly, safely and according to schedule.

Step 4:
We produce your event in a professional and efficient way, remaining highly flexible and determined in the process.

Want to be part of our next Warehouse Sessions?

Contact us!
Ruben De Vleeschauwer

Our contact person for PRG Warehouse Sessions

Phone: +32 (0) 16 61 53 00

Contact overview
Isaac Roux

"Reflections of Us"


"Leave me dry"


Full Set



Aarde Aan Daan


Caspar Auwerken


Brent Beukelaar

"Klein maar gigantisch"

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