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PRG supports 5 award ceremonies in Belgium

End of last year, we talked to you about the different TV productions that PRG supports with its experienced teams and audiovisual equipment. We would like to explore this subject a little bit further today. 

The year 2017 got off to a good start in the field of TV productions! Over the past two months PRG has applied its expertise to five award ceremonies in Belgium. In Flanders and Wallonia, creators and tv channels have entrusted us with the technological support of these live broadcasts.

Once a year, the VRT and the RTBF, each individually, highlight the music industry in our country. The two public tv channels organise a prize-giving show to honour the best Belgian singers and musicians, and this since years.
This past January 26th, the RTBF presented their awards during the live broadcast show of the D6Bels. According to Lighting Designer Jean-Jacques Marotte’s creation, PRG provided lighting and video technology for this program. The four curved LED walls of 7m height by 3m large, on the podium, captured everybody's attention. We also installed a set of lighting projectors, amongst which PRG Icon Beams, combined with Vari*Lite VL-3500 Wash, Clay Paky Mythos Spots and Chauvet Rogue R1 FXB. The show was directed by Bernard Sauvenier. PRG Account & Production Manager Laurent De La Haye worked with Project Manager Mathieu Antoine, Light Operator Rudy Fastré, Video On-Site Manager Nicholas DiFonzo and Jonathan Pirard.

The Flemish counterpart of the D6Bels, the MIAs, were celebrated in Hall 12 of the Brussels Expo. The VRT commissioned Ignace D’Haese from Arf&Yes for the design of this program. PRG was in charge of the sound, lighting and rigging for the show, the VIP lounge and the red carpet. ARF&Yes had designed some new video components and once again, PRG demonstrated its extensive know-how in terms of tailor-made creations for this production.
The singer Laura Tesoro opened the live show singing on stage under a large tipi covered with LED panels on the outside as well as the inside. The three tipis of 2,5m width and 5m height were placed behind each other to create a tunnel. The structure weighed 7 tons in total and was installed with the necessary safety equipment and 24 winches. The tipis were also part of the setting of the stage for the performances of the following artists.
Another amazing element was the 3x3x3m video cube hanging above the stage where the award ceremony was held. The cube, also custom-built by PRG, presented amongst others, the nominees of each of the categories. The video panels for the tipis and the cube were provided by Pixelscreen.
Last but not least, PRG also provided the profiles and the suspension for the two custom-designed diamond-shaped LED frames placed just in front and above the stage. Daan Govaerts, PRG Video On-Site Manager, was extremely satisfied with the result.

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The lighting set consisted of Sharpy Wash, combined with Vari*Lite VL-3500 Wash & Spot, PRG Icon Beams, Robe Pointes, Robe 800 LEDWash, GLP Impression X4 and Martin Mac Viper Performance. Jochen Kerkhofs, Lighting On-Site Manager, the two technicians Joeri Pluym and Filip Vanbroeckhoven were responsible of the lighting system.
In terms of sound, we built a complete PA system with Adamson Energia E15, Adamson Energia E12, Adamson S10 and Adamson E219 subs. The sound mix was realised with DiGiCo SD7 and DiGiCo SD5 consoles. Sound On-Site Manager Gunter Degueldere worked with sound engineers Patrick Demoustier and Marc Iven.
The stage and the entire installation of the MIAs was used the following weekend for the Gouden K’s, an award show hosted by the Ketnet children’s channel.

Not only does the music industry want to honour its stars, but the best football players in Belgium are also celebrated each year during the gala of the golden shoe, which is broadcasted live on the VTM commercial channel. On February 8th, the footballers and their ‘WAGs’ gathered in the AED studios to discover who was going to win this very coveted award.
The production, organised by TV Bastards and Medialaan, was designed par Michiel Milbou from Never Fear Shadows. For this live show, red carpet included, a nice pre-show reception and the evening-party, PRG was in charge of the lighting and the rigging. Bernd Bisson was On-Site Manager for the lighting system and worked with Lars Bautmans, Joost Potter and system engineer Gilles Neyens.

Furthermore, PRG participated at the award ceremony ‘Les Magrittes du Cinéma’, the annual prize-giving ceremony for the french-spoken film industry in Belgium, which is broadcasted live on BE tv. Light Designer Jean-Jacques Marotte designed the complete set and entrusted PRG with the lighting as well as the video technology. We built several LED screens, of which one was used to show the public the images of the actors, actresses as well as the selected movies. The first screen of 20sqm had a pixel pitch of 3,9mm, the other 75sqm of ROE LED screens that were part of the scenery were of a pixel pitch of 7mm.
The stage as well as the venue were both equipped with SGM LT200 lighting strips to create depth. PRG also provided video equipment and lighting for the evening-party which took place just after the awards ceremony. PRG Account & Production Manager Laurent De La Haye was in charge of this project.
The ceremony was cared for by Project Manager & On-Site Manager Mathieu Antoine, the lighting technician Emmanuel Derclaye, as well as Pauline Collard, who was also responsible for the followspot, Video On-Site Manager and operator D3 Nicolas Di Fonzo and the video technicians Mathieu Boudin and Didier Counen.
The after party was conducted by On-Site Manager Philippe Vanderperren, lighting operator Jonathan Pirard and the lighting technicians Maxim Munson & Gerard Rousseau, the sound technicians Benoit Petit and Adrien Roy and finally Yves Winand, responsible for the video technology.

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The months of January and February were extremely busy months and included fabulous productions. We are absolutely proud of our team who worked with great professionalism and in good spirit, regardless of the stressful moments that are involved during such live broadcasts.
The tailor-made solutions for the MIAs were the highlights of these productions and we can only emphasise the efforts made to ensure the proper execution of these elements.
The success of these award ceremonies is the result of a great constructive cooperation between the transmitters, the production houses, the creators and the technicians.

PRG is proud to be part of these teams.

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