Celebration of the Bicentenary of Waterloo

17/07/2015 Project

On the 18th of June, the opening ceremony of the 200-year anniversary of the battle of Waterloo took place on the same Belgian fields that saw the fights all those years ago. The usual reenactments were expanded and renamed Inferno, a dreamy interpretation designed by Luc Petit, who chose to present an impressive show in twelve scenes, filled with dazzling pyrotechnics, lighting with millimetric precision and gaint screens rising up from the middle of the wheat fields. Almost as many as 12.000 spectators came to enjoy the wonderful event.

The commemoration of the bicentenary continued throughout the weekend with the biggest ever reenactment performed in Europe: 6000 extras, 300 horses and 100 canons, for some 60.000 spectators. PRG was in charge of the lighting equipment, sound and rigging of the spectacle, adding up to a total of 4 semi-trailer trucks full of equipment. Our team took on a sizeable technical challenge by installing everything in the middle of a wheat field (already reaching 1m high) while preserving as much of the wheat, both for the Inferno spectacle as well as the reenactment the following days. We had less than 10 hours to pack everything up during the night and make room for the 6.000 reenactment extras.

Furthermore, we supplied sound and lighting services for the two reenactment days. For the perfect sound, we used 95 line array Kara's for the 50.000 seated places and 30 EAW JF 200's for the 10.000 standing places. As for lights, we installed 24 light poles of 7m high to illuminate the stands, as well as 120 HQI 400W's for behind the stands and for the standing audience.

More pictures in our Slideshow

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