Big football celebration with Dance with the Devils at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp


A huge crowd of people all dressed in the colours of the team they are supporting, cheering and partying when the ball hits the net? No, this is not only the scene in a football stadium but the atmosphere in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp during the matches of the Red Devils for the European Championships 2016. The Arena will be transformed into a real ‘Dance With The Devils’ party.

Just as for the World Cup in 2014, Studio Brussels is organizing a series of parties on the 13th, 18th and the 22nd of June for the thousands of supporters that will be eagerly cheering the team, De Bruyne, Hazard and Mertens. Before and after the matches, the supporters will enjoy live music from the best bands and DJ’s.

PRG is in charge of the showlight, sound and video technology. The matches will be projected on to a front projection screen of 16x9 meters by 3 x 21 ANSI Lumen beamers. The sound-kit consists in 24 Adamson Y-18 speakers. Last but not least, we also have a lot of moving lights in action: 38 x VL 500D Washes and 16 x VL 2500 Spots.

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The crew which is handling this beautiful project: Rik Henneco (Account Manager), Alain Van Isacker (Production, Chris Pellens (Crew Chief Light), Marc Iven andn Leen Frijters (Crew Chiefs Sound) and Bram Verboom (Crew Chief Video).

Here is a glimpse at the program:

Monday 13th of June at 21h: Belgium – Italy
19:00 Discobaar A Moeder
20:00 Admiral Freebee
20:15 Tourist LeMC
20:30 Black Box Revelation
20:45 Skyve
21:00 Match
22:45 Skyve
23:00 Gunther D
23:30 Lil’ Kleine
23:45 Mickael (GOOSE) dj-set
00:30 End

Saturday 18th of June at 15h: Belgium – Ireland
13:00 Skyve
13:45 Equal Idiots
14:00 Skyve
14:15 Compact Disk Dummies
14:30 Anne-Marie
14:45 Skyve
15:00 Match
16:45 Skyve
17:00 Rudimental dj-set
17:30 Cassius dj-set
18:30 Goe Vur In Den Otto
19:00 End

Wednesday 22nd of June at 21h: Sweden – Belgium
19:00 Skyve
20:00 Zwartwerk
20:15 The Van Jets
20:30 Woodie Smalls
20:45 Skyve
21:00 Match
22:45 Skyve
23:00 Sigma dj-set
23:45 TLP
00:30 End
Hosts: Linde Merckpoel & Bram Willems

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