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PRG Belgium launches the Icon Stage in premiere for musical 40-45


Captivating, spectacular and compelling. Studio 100’s newest musical “40-45” brings Belgian World War II memories to live in an unprecedented way.

PRG is proud to provide all lighting, video and rigging, starring the Icon Stage, our newest exclusive moving light.

The location, a pop-up theater, tailor-made by Studio 100, was foreseen by over a kilometer of rigging by PRG. We also provided all lighting for the show, as well as the ambient lighting in the amazingly styled foyer.

12 Best Boys and 120 brand new Icon Stages guarantee a sophisticated light spectacle. The specifications of the new Icon Stages fixture, including 8-56° zoom optics; full CMY color mixing alongside a fixed color wheel and variable CTO. The 8 fixed gobos and 7 rotating, full framing shutters, iris and prism functions, gave it a predominant role in the musical. Key moment demonstrating its capabilities is when a razor-sharp track, created by gobos of the Icon Stage, introduce a life-size train on stage.

Another special effect causing amazement is the flyby and crash of a warplane, for which PRG created a 90-meter long custom track integrated in the ceiling structure. Attached to this track, our in-house developed power train makes sure the plane has the right speed and altitude in every show.

The audience is fully part of the story thanks to the 8 LED screens of 32m2 placed on moving towers. The high pixel pitch guarantees an extremely realistic decor, adapted entirely for every scene.  Moreover, the superb quality allows the public – all watching from very different angles - to enjoy the 3D-imagery to the fullest, almost forgetting they are in a theater.

Also, the recently Emmy-awarded Ground Control is introduced in this swirling show. Due to the ever-changing perspective and orientation of both the scene and the audience, the operators were highly trained and thanks to the innovative Ground Control, they can operate the spotlights in a safe and clear way.  We combine our ground controls with 4K and infrared cameras, so the operators can follow the activities at all times on the dark stage and keep track of all movement in this 360degree operating mode.

Our team demonstrated our #SeeWhatWeCanDoTogether mentality once again!

We would like to thank our client Studio 100 for the great collaboration!

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