School’s out, summer’s here! Time for the coolest student job in Belgium


Students battling at PRG for a summer job for the festivals

On Saturday 5th of May, infectious enthusiasm could be felt in our Tildonk office.
32 students came down to our warehouse with one common goal: working for Belgium’s biggest festivals this summer. PRG is looking for young talents to support our teams during the busy summer season; therefore, students between the age of 17 and 24 could apply via Jobtalent. Their team did a first screening, after which candidates were invited to the job battle in Tildonk.
And it would not be PRG if it were just another classic job interview. If we say battle, we mean it.
The students were divided into four groups. After meeting with our Crewing Manager, they were up for the practical part of the day, consisting of a series of individual challenges and a group test.

The students needed to show us their strength, speed and insight. First, they had to sort some XLR, Schuko, CEE and Socapex cables into their respective flight cases. Then 4 x 6-bars PAR64 waited for them to be hung into the dolly. For the last test, candidates had only five minutes to attach a lighting feature onto a clamp. Definitely not a breeze!

Teamwork makes the dream work! For the group test, candidates had to work together to distribute 20 flight cases to the right loading dock. Afterwards, 2x5 way Socapex loom cables of 40m length each needed to be stored into a flight case correctly. The students communicated clearly, demonstrated speed and order and got the job done in just under 5 minutes. 

All candidates will now be contacted in person. For the 12 top scorers of the day, that means they will be informed about the starting date of their summer job at PRG’s. The others will have a new opportunity next year! 

Interested to apply for a student job or any other job at PRG? Please contact

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