PRG Belgium on Tour again with Night of The Proms


Night of the Proms 2017 was yet again a magnificent success! The concept’s ability to bring the notorious Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and the Fine Fleur Choir together with the voices of current pop artists simply creates magic, attracting people together from all generations and age groups.

This year again, PRG Belgium was commissioned to provide video sound and lighting for the tour that kicked off in Rotterdam, before heading its way to Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg.

For the NOTP Tour 2017, PRG has remained with the successful equipment list that was used for the previous year, nevertheless there were two customized new eye-catchers: One of them was the Piano Cube, a custom-made flying frame of 3m height by 2,5m width with PLED 205Q. Suspended above the audience by 8 cyber hoist on a horizontal track of 40m length and driven by a Whalberg System, the piano moved horizontally as well as vertically creating a stunning effect above the spectators’ heads.

Furthermore, PRG installed 12 Video Pods, which were also suspended from on 4 x 12m length Whalberg tracks and moved above the scene, creating special effects combining PLED 205SC with the new PRG Icon Edges lighting features and 1 SGM P5 each integrated underneath. On stage the PLED208E2 created a backdrop of 25m width and 8m height.

In accordance with Arf & Yes’s lighting design and in collaboration with Light Operator Olivier Demoustier, PRG supplied a lighting kit which was composed of 46 PRG Icon Edges, 96 Sharpy Washes, 18 Mac Viper Profiles, 3 Mac Viber Performances, 16 Robe Ledwash 1200’s, 66 GLP X4Ses, 8 SGM P5s and 4 SGM P2s. On top of that we had 3 RJ Cyrano Followspots and 2 PRG GroundControl Systems installed to highlight the artists.

Patrick Demoustier was in charge of the configuration of the sound design. The equipment list was very much the same as the one from last year and composed by 36 x Adamson E15, 24 x Adamson E12, 36 x Adamson S10, 18 x Adamson E219 and 32 x Lab Gruppen PLM20K44+, controlled by 2 x Digico SD7, 2 x Digico SD8, 1 x Digico SD5. Nevertheless, there were some upgrades since the whole of the orchestra’s microphone system was upgraded to a digital one.

Patrick Demoustier stipulates “This year, we decided to upgrade the speaker system to a complete Adamson Energia system. On top of that, the system is network-controlled via a Dante network and Lake processing. All speakers are powered by PLM20k44 + amplifiers.
By using digital only transmitters we are more flexible in frequency planning through the different locations because of the different regulations in UHF. On top of that it provides better sound than the analogue systems.”
Moreover, PRG invested in a new wireless Green GO Intercom system to replace the Riedel Acrobat.

Tour Head Rigger Stef De Raet and Assistant Rigger Dean Kessler were in charge of the setup of the rigging system, which required 124 active hoists and 368m of trussing were needed to suspend a spectacular 45 tons. In total PRG had 180 meters of Whalberg Tracks suspended for the automation of the piano platform and the 12 Video Pods.

Jan Van Malder, General Manager Entertainment, adds, “We would like to thank PSE, the promotor of Night Of The Proms, as well as the producer Alain Van Isacker for trusting PRG’s know-how once again and making us part of this magnificent and successful production. Each year, we gladly go one step further and we aspire to work together again for the next tour!
I would also like to thank out PRG crew for their investment and dedication!”

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