With PRG, don’t miss a single goal during the European Championship


How far will the Red Devils kick their way through this EC in France? PRG Belgium is a true supporter and will lend its’ expertise to set the Red Devils in the spotlight.
PRG’s lighting and rigging will be animating the professional comments on the matches from the VRT in the garden below the transmission tower for the public broadcasting.

In addition to the VRT’s own equipment, PRG is providing lighting, power- and DMX distribution as well as all necessary accessories to keep the material weather safe during the four weeks of operation ahead. Since this setup will be in place for a while, all outside projectors also have the necessary weather protection.

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In addition to VRT’s ARRI LC7 LED Fresnels, PRG provides a set of VariLite VL3500Q, GLP Impression X4bars 20, Robe 600 and Robe 800 for the dome. Since the dome didn’t have rigging points necessary for the suspension of the equipment, our technical team installed 30 bespoke suspension points for the framework to be integrated into the dome.

Outside, two lighting towers have been installed of 7m height, with VariLite VL 3500Q spots, VL 3500 wash and Clay Paky Sharpy Wash. IFor the different side-activities, PRG is providing its’ SGM P2, P5 and Q7 LED-floods to be built-in. The entire exterior set will provide an extra atmosphere with the installation of 300 meters of garlands with dimmable LED lights.

The VRT tower and its’ building will also be part of the scenery and will be illuminated by VL3500Q spots and VL3500 wash. Furthermore on the roof of ‘Block B‘ (4 high in the clouds) a striplight with 18 x Robe Pointe have been placed.

PRG Production Manager Chris Pellens and Account Manager Peter Roosendans thank the crew and the VRT for the great collaboration on this project. Thank you also to lightdesigner Filip Bolleire and Karel Perneel from the VRT, as well as stage designers Eveline Pieters and VRT Operator Chris Leemans.

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