Student workers battling for a summer job at PRG’s

20/05/2016 Company

Some 40 students created a bustle in our Tildonk office this 14th May, when they enrolled the battle for a summer job in our warehouse.

PRG is facing a busy summer again. The many festivals require additional labor, which we like to find within young talents. Students between the age of 17 and 24 had the opportunity to apply for a summer job in the PRG warehouse via T-interim. After a first screening by the interim office, the candidates were invited to take part at a job battle which was organised in the Tildonk offices.

The 40 students were divided into four groups. The job battle consisted of three parts: an interview with Kathy, our HR Manager, a series of individual trials and finally two group tests. The aspiring technicians demonstrated their skills in handling, assembling and disassembling… They shared their motivation to spend their summer in the PRG warehouse and thus to contribute to the festival season. 


The individual challenges were not a piece of cake. First our candidates had to sort some XLR, Schuko, CEE and Socapex cables into the their respective flight cases. Then their strength was tested with having to hang 4 x 6-bars PAR64 into the dolly. And the third individual challenge took a little tinkering. They had to attach a lighting feature onto a clamp, which sounds much easier than it actually is! The candidates had five minutes to successfully fulfill the task.

The second part tested their teamwork abilities. They had five minutes tops to distribute 20 flight cases that were standing in the cold zone to the correct loading dock. Teamwork, speed and order were the baseline. After that, they had to meet the challenge to store 2x5-way Socapex loom cables of 40m length each into a flight case correctly. Their facial expressions said more than enough on the commitment and eagerness of the candidates. They all managed nicely! 

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During this week, the best will be informed on the starting date of their summer job at PRG’s. The ones that didn’t make it this year will have new opportunity to prove themselves and will, by then, certainly survive with their festival-survival-kit.

If you wish to apply for a student job or any other job, please contact

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