Mazda MX-5 used as a turntable needle

08/07/2016 Automotive

Sometimes, you don’t need the big tools to create the best result… These Days came up with a genius idea to promote the new Mazda MX-5. Watch the video and see how the better the car drifts, the more precise you hear the record that has to be recognized. For Mojuice, our client who put it all together, PRG created the DJ booth for DJ Licious and provided 40 Mistrips and 4 x 48” LCD displays for the video control system. To create the right atmosphere, we used some wireless uplighters and a smoke machine. Our crew showed their multifunctional skills to realise this project! Special thanks to Tim Bonte, Ronald Smit and Inge Huysmans. Can you recognize the track?

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