Oscar and the Wolf


The results are in and everyone agrees: Oscar and the Wolf at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp was a huge success! “Magnificent”, “brilliant” and “extraordinary” are only some of the words used by the media to describe the band and its frontman Max Colombie.

This show was a PRG Belgium project from start to finish, providing light, sound, rigging and on-stage video.

PRG’s Accountmanager Jan De Keyser, who spearheaded this production, insisted that we acknowledge the key actors, who helped make this production a success. All of it couldn’t have been made possible without the tireless effort of Patrick Demoustier, Frank Voet, Kristof Devriese, Stef De Raet (PRG), Wouter Wauters (Astral), Alexander Vandrie-sche (DBNR), Axel Torfs (Crew Consult), Hans Pannecoucke (FlyAway), Bart Winckers (Mojuice), Maarten De Man (MDM Productions), the people from Dewico and StageCo and everyone else who helped make the show happen. It was also the last in a long run of concerts, since PRG’s Jeroen Depaepe has accompanied the band throughout the summer.

The lighting set consisted of 92 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330’s, 27 Vari*Lite VL-3000 Spots and 40 PRG ICON Beams, resulting in a spectacular display. Visuals were provided by Bart Winckers of Mojuice, following a concept created by Max Colombie himself, in coope-ration with Jan De Keyser (PRG) and Alexander Vandriessche (DBNR).

Concerning the audio, Patrick Demoustier (a.k.a. Duim), in charge of the sound design and mix, together with the band mixer Frank Voet, commented as following on his approach, as even the mainstream media praised the "crystal-clear sound, provided by the sound engineers" cfr. article De Standaard (http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20151101_01949162).
Patrick: "Delivering good sound in the Antwerps Sportpaleis is not that hard, but you have to take a couple of facts into account. The Sportpaleis is huge, probably one of the biggest venues in Europe and, like most of the arenas, built with concrete and steel. Filling this with only a main PA and Delay won’t work, you have to split the venue up into multiple zones. In my setup, the entire balcony was covered by 10 clusters. This way, everyone was close to a speaker, even if higher up on the balcony. This resulted in a much better control of the whole venue and the overall sound level remained satisfying to each and everyone's ear. In addition to that, as many of you know, the PA system of my choice re-mains with the Adamson E15, which fulfilled its’ purpose perfectly.”

Monitor mixer Frank Voet stipulates that the set consisted of 36 x Adamson Line Array E15, 24 x Cardio E219 subs, 32 x Y18 and as many as 60 x S-10. PRG asked if there was anything he wanted us to remember about the production, his reply was “teamwork is EVERYTHING!”

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