PRG installs Digital Signage screens at The Egg Brussels


Since a couple of years now, PRG has been the loyal partner for supplying audiovisual technology at the convention and meeting centre The Egg Brussels. Today, this successful collaboration takes a new step towards innovation and interactivity in the venue. PRG supplied and installed Digital Signage screens that will modernize future events at The Egg Brussels.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a modern communication system. Each kind of information that the client wants to share with his public will be displayed on the screens who are installed at the different meeting rooms and auditoria in the venue. Off course, the content of the display can be adapted depending on the location of the screen, the auditoria that it represents, the kind of message that the client wants to communicate. Any time of the day, communication can be adapted. This intelligent and dynamic way of communication is possible thanks to a polyvalent software system, installed by PRG, that is connected to each screen with a WiFi connection. Basically, this system offers the client an efficient way to share relevant information on specific places over the whole venue.

The screens measure from 42 to 120 inch. All kinds of information can be shared on the screens: videos, pictures, the name of the speaker, time schedules of the event, etc. The possibilities to personalize your event are limitless.

The advantaged of Digital Signage:

  • Increased attention for shared information
  • Digital, fast, simple and modern communication flow
  • Share a message on 1 or 20 screens, spread across 5000 sqm
  • Information is shared out of a centralized system
  • All forms of information can be displayed: video, picture, audio, text
  • Changes can be implemented in real time, 24/24
  • All communication can be planned beforehand

PRG Account Manager Jens Dewart is happy to strengthen the collaboration with The Egg Brussels: “The Egg is one of the venues we support permanently with audiovisual technology. We see that this kind of collaboration is beneficial for everyone involved: the venue, the client and PRG. Today, The Egg invests in the Digital Signage technology to offer its clients a modern, fast and efficient communication system. The technology and the screens are provided by PRG. We offer this system on a long term rental basis, one time rental or we can sell it to our clients as well.”

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