PRG announces a new partnership with Brussels Expo


PRG is pleased to announce its’ brand new partnership with Brussels Expo, undeniably one of the biggest exhibition centers in Belgium. Brussels Expo organises around 60 exhibitions and 90 events each year. The site consists of 12 impressive halls, of which 5 date from the Universal Expo of 1935, giving the architecture of the building a unique look and feel. In order to respond to the requirements of their clients, Brussels Expo announced some important investments in their infrastructure, a version 2.0 of Hall 10 and the Auditorium 2000.

“This summer, Hall 10 received a new look and now, more than ever, it's the perfect location for your events, gala evenings and B2B dinners. To this end, PRG was selected as audiovisual partner for the technical redesigning of Hall 10 and the Auditorium 2000.” said David Boon, General Manager International Development at Brussels Expo.
“The renovated rooms are perfect as ready-to-use event locations, equipped with a polyvalent technical setup, using the latest technology in sound, lighting and video, which highlight the unique architectural qualities of the site. The possibilities for events are endless, thanks to the modular setup of the space, using a system of curtains and walls. More than ever, Brussels Expo is able to comply with every wish for company events, conventions, celebrations, fairs and exhibitions of all sizes.”

"The question of Brussels Expo was clear: facilitate the use and modularity.” comments Jens Dewart, PRG Account Manager. “We started by rethinking the structure of Hall 10 with the installation of 5 rigging modules, mounted on motors. This allowed us to be flexible with the height of the ceiling and create new atmospheres. We also suggested using drapes for the balcony and floor-to-ceiling Japanese panels in order to change the configuration of the room according to the wishes of the clients. On a technical note, we also installed a basic lighting and sound kit, which allows the immediate use of the room. It is obviously still possible to add specific material on demand too.
As for the Auditorium 2000, we provided a 38m long modular screen, which could be shortened to 12m via a system of curtains, as well as a Barco HD20 projector. Here too, a basic technical lighting and sound kit allows the immediate use of the room."

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