BAZART amazes Lotto Arena with impressive production


Mind-blowing, that’s the least you could say about what happened last weekend. Both Friday and Saturday evening, the dutch speaking band BAZART put up an amazing show at the Lotto Arena. The 16.000 spectators got more than value for their money. PRG supplied lighting, sound and Production Manager Jan De Keyser.

BAZART wanted to spoil its fans with an overall experience. The three video beams we previously saw during their show in the 'Ancienne Belgique', were now extended and floated over the heads of the audience. A 15 meter long catwalk ran beneath the video beams. In total, we used about 200 meters of trussing for the set up, more than 180 moving heads, 50 strobe lights and 150m2 of 10mm pixel pitch LED screens. Production Manager Jan De Keyser came up with the concept and elaborated the design with Cate Carter and Bryte Design.

PRG's Headrigger Stef De Raet collaborated on the technical drawings for the rigging, Production Managers Filip Van Broeckhoven and Jochen Kerkhofs took care of the lighting and Gunter Degueldre was responsible for sound technology, working with front of house mixer Frank Voet and Jan De Rycke, who did the PA design. The video elements were hired at Pixelscreen and Dewico provided the fireworks and confetti to complete the picture.

“During each step in both, the concept- and implementation phase, we were in close contact with the band members and Cate Carter. We could not have wished for better: the load in, the two shows and load out went smoothly and according to the plan we had set.”, says an enthusiastic Jan De Keyser. Along with Axel Torfs he handled the entire production.

The crew of BAZART and PRG have done a excellent job. A corollary is the many words of praise in Flemish newspapers:

"There was no time for boredom in the Lotto Arena. BAZART spoiled the audience with a great atmosphere, a beautiful light show with lots of colours and a shower of confetti.” (Gazet van Antwerpen)

“Constantly, fans were looking direction ridge of the concert hall, while a beam was drawing a stream of blue light or bright red streaks on their heads. At the end, during their biggest hit ‘Goud’, the same precious metal even seemed to sway over the room as if it was lava. "(De Morgen)

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