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CLOUSEAU DANST at the Antwerp Sportpaleis


Koen and Kris Wauters from Clouseau ended 2016 and started 2017 with two concert weekends at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Their newest concept “Clouseau Danst” is a dynamic and immersive show that invites the public to danse all night long. PRG supplied video, lighting and sound technology following the design of Painting With Light’s team, directed by Luc Peumans.

The impressive setlist of old hits combined with new ones, was emphasized by an innovative video content. PRG was responsible for 500 square meters of 10 mm pixel pitch LED screens. 5 separate LED screens that could move individually from each other thanks to a special rail system, formed the big central screen of 30m by 10m. Just above the stage, 5 triangle pods were installed with each 5 trusses that were covered with LED panels. These panels were specially made and PRG designed the frames to fix the panels seamlessly. PRG subcontracted Pixelscreen for all video aspects of the show. 

More pictures in our slideshow

PRG installed a total of 375 Moving Heads, including our very own PRG Icon Beams, Clay Paky Mythos, V3500 Washes and SGM Q-LEDs. All of the PRG equipment was rigged upon 700 meters of trussing and 100 hoists. In order to create an immersive experience during the show, 20.000 RGB luminous bracelets were handed out to the crowd, which were lit up at the same moment during the show and controlled by a DMX controller for synchronisation.

Clouseau Danst is organized by PSE. Production Managers Walter D’Haese (PRG) and Alain Van Isacker managed the show. The sound was controlled by Sound Designers Patrick Demoustier, Mark Luyckx and On Site Manager Marc Iven. Filip Van Broekhoven was responsible as On Site Manager Light. Once again, our crew showed a lot of craftsmanship!

© Photo Credits go to Frank Lambrechts & Louise Stickland

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