PRG supports the annual Iris Festival


Last weekend, almost 110,000 people celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region during the Iris Festival.

The public was able to attend a series of concerts on the 'Place des Palais', including the electro night on Saturday evening, which hosted international and national headlines, followed on Sunday by the show "La Belgique c'est nous" featuring the Belgian National Orchestra, a choir of 48 singers, a pop band of 4 musicians and 17 guest singers.

PRG Belgium provided lighting, sound and a specific stage of 120m2 with 6 levels for the orchestra.

The lighting plan was based on the light design of Jean Jacques Marotte, commissioned by Visit Brussels, and consisted of 40 Icon Beams, 20 VL3500, 10 B-eye K-20, 25 Rogues R1, 36 Laser Beam Leds and 14 SGMs Q7.

In terms of sound, PRG deployed an Adamson Energia E-15 system, powered by 2 Digico SD-7 core2 with 4 SD-Racks. The wireless set, undoubtedly the largest ever installed for an open-air concert in Brussels, was composed of 48 cordless headsets, 20 wireless handheld microphones for guest singers, 8 wireless in-ear and 8 wireless intercoms.

We are very proud of our PRG team, which met up to the high expectations of the production "La Belgique c'est nous", and carried out this project on time without any prior rehearsals.
The set-up took place the same morning, followed by the technical brief with the various artists. The show consisted in 33 acts that were flawlessly mixed together.

Photos © Romain Ballez

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