PRG provides lighting technology for immersive show at the Strasbourg Cathedral


During the summer season, from July 8th until September 10th, residents and visitors of the city of Strasbourg can enjoy an evening show at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The city of Strasbourg commissioned ACTLD to create an immersive show, titled “Le Ballet des Ombres Heureuses”, in which the cathedral is playing the lead role being highlighted with video projections, lighting effects and sound. 


Just like last year, ACTLD trusted PRG Belgium to provide and install all the lighting technology. The title of the show explains that shadow, in all of its shapes, is the main subject of the show. Different kinds of shadows are being created with video mapping and lighting effects. They tell a story that leaves room for personal interpretations, just as the designers aimed. The lighting is directed on the East- and Southside of the cathedral, as well as on the surrounding buildings on the “place du Château”. 


PRG used 36 of her newest PRG Icon Edge for this outdoor production, together with 16 SGM P5’s, 16 SGM Q7’s and 26 Martin Viper Performances. About 300 Gobos have been created especially for this show. 


ACTLD also trusted in PRG to provide two 14 meters high Totem trusses. The difficulty here was that the client asked to use a very limited space on the ground to stabilize the truss, which PRG handled by providing a ballast of 15 tonnes for each Totem truss! We also built seven other Totem trusses, measuring from 5 to 8 meters high with 2 tonnes of ballast each.

The spectacle takes about 15 minutes and invites the spectator to be part of a 360 degrees immersive story. Last year, this summer event attracted more than 900.000 spectators. This year’s show promises to be at least as successful! The City of Strasbourg decided to extend it for an extra week already!

Photos © Didier Boy de le Tour

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