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Commander Automation Console

The PRG Commander™ console is an ideal control solution for any motion control application. It provides a powerful hardware and software platform that is reliable, accurate and extremely user-friendly. The Commander’s software, housed in an elegant and ergonomic desk, is designed to make programming and operation of all automated elements seamless, safe and consistently repeatable. 

The Commander combines the power of the cue-based Stage Command® System software with superb graphics, faster processing and an intuitive user interface. The Commander’s design offers the ability to bring the motion control programmer to the front of house during the creative process so designers and directors can easily integrate motion into the overall design process on any production. The Commander also offers 3D visualization for real-time viewing or previsualization of motion control programming. 

All the displays on the Commander present data in quick and easy-to-read formats. Two 12” built-in touchscreens and one 30” external monitor are standard and an additional 30” external monitor is available for 3D visualization. 

The console provides true time-based control of automation so the operator can, at any time, slow or stop a cue. Operators have control of movement programmable to increments of 1/10th of an inch. The Commander can control the full range of motion effect devices including: closed and open loop devices, electric winches, hydraulic and pneumatic effects, variable-speed chain hoists, and AC and DC motors. 

The Stage Command System software has full acceleration and deceleration, which manages inertia of large scenic elements, allowing fluid movement and a controlled “hard” stop.

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