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An essential component in the Stage Command System’s control chain is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Cube. The PLC is an industrial digital computer used by PRG in SCS to provide the Go/No Go safety check. PRG’s first priority in any application is safety. To ensure reliable and safe operation of all motion control elements, the PLC verifies that parameters for cue execution are met before sending the control signal to the SCS Drive Rack. If one of the pre-programmed parameters is not met, the PLC will prevent the cue from being executed.

The PLC Cube is designed for 24/7 operation, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration. PRG uses industrial-grade PLCs from Rockwell Automation, housed in a rugged road case cube with interior Plexiglas doors to protect the PLC components and allow for ease of transport.

SCS incorporates a full E-Stop (emergency stop) system. The E-Stop circuit is a hard-wired system, integral to the SCS but independent of the control, making it a vital safety feature.

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