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PRG’s distinguished reputation and years of experience building custom winches has led to the creation of a line of standardized winches that are unsurpassed in reliability and safety. The PRG SCS Winches offer a range suitable for any entertainment, corporate or installation application. All are designed to be powerful yet compact, offering designers and technicians a versatile selection which can be incorporated into a broad range of scenic and production elements.

All PRG SCS Winches are designed for seamless integration into the patented Stage Command® System. Establishing new industry standards, PRG’s winches provide speed and power (including full torque at zero speed), along with precision for positioning scenic, lighting, and rigging effects safely and creatively. Each winch has a primary optical encoder, used by the Commander™ control system, which accurately converts the winch shaft rotation into fine control of speed and positioning. SCS Winches deliver exact repeatable positioning, smooth bi-directional motion and variable speed with programmable acceleration and deceleration.

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