SpeedStar Variable Speed Chain Hoist

The PRG SpeedStar™ Variable Speed Chain Hoist is the result of a close collaboration with Columbus McKinnon. The SpeedStar is based on the CM BVG C1 hoist, which PRG has manufactured to our specifications. The SpeedStar hoists are available for use with metric 1/2 and 1 ton loads. (500 and 1,000 Kg / 1,102 and 2,204 Lbs.)

The SpeedStar is built for speed - The 1/2 ton is 0-22 inches per second (0-110 feet per minute) and the 1 ton is 0-11 inches per second (0-55 feet per minute.) These are industry-leading speeds with very high levels of positional accuracy. Acceleration/ Deceleration and velocity are all programmable on a cue-to-cue basis. Time-based cues are also possible.

The SpeedStar motors are partially BGV D8+ and BGV C1 compliant and they have all of the necessary components to meet these certifications (dual brakes, limits, dual encoders, factor of safety, load monitoring, rules, etc.) Each of the SpeedStar motors have 5-pocket lift wheels for very quiet and smooth operation. They can be run motor up or motor down, although they do make more noise motor down. The motors are rated at 68db for quiet operation suitable for theatre, studio, and corporate applicatons where noise is a critical factor.

The SpeedStar kit ships with a manual pendant in order to simplify load-in, prior to cueing with the PRG Stage Command® System, and having power to the console. The automation software is PRG's proprietary Stage Command System software, which has been in life-safety use for over 25-years and allows the end-user the highest level of programmability, programming speed, and safety. 

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