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Super Node™

The Super Node™ from PRG provides a powerful and convenient interface between Vx76 or DMX-over-Ethernet (DoE) compatible control consoles, pixel mapping from media servers, and other control equipment which require either DMX-over-Ethernet or DMX512-A control signals. The unit accepts high level commands in either Vx76 or DMX-over-Ethernet protocols and converts the data into eight universes of DMX512-A.

The Super Node unit operates in one of two primary modes: Vx76 Mode or Series 400 Mode. The operating mode is automatically configured by the unit according to the input signal type. In Vx76 Mode, the unit will accept Vx76 protocol and generate both DoE and DMX512-A outputs. In Series 400 Mode, the unit will accept DoE protocol and convert it to DMX512-A.

The Super Node includes a menu display for configuring the unit and checking system status. The menu system is easily navigated using the touchscreen, allowing configuration of the Vx76 address, configuration of DoE inputs in Series 400 Mode, real-time monitoring of DMX512-A data on each output, display of network error information, and display of current software version.

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