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Let PRG help you raise the curtain on an exciting career in show business!  An Internship with PRG can immerse you into all aspects of the business of event and entertainment production while helping you gain the knowledge and expertise for a successful career.  Join PRG and you will learn about our clients, our people and our culture while we help you decide if a career in event and entertainment technology is right for you! 

An internship with PRG may encompass any or all aspects of event production including lighting, audio, video, scenic, finance, business and production management, or corporate operations. 

During your internship with PRG, you can expect to enjoy the same high level of attention we give to all of our staff including mentoring, support, and practical evaluations and feedback from seasoned professionals. 

From day one, you will learn what its like to be a vital part of a professional and highly respected team of event production experts while discovering which areas of event production are best suited to your skills and aspirations.


Under the guidance of PRG’s professional staff, you are given experience in areas such as:

  • Operations
  • Configuration and maintenance of entertainment audio, lighting and video systems
  • Scenic fabrication and automation
  • Project management 
  • Warehouse management – logistics and trafficking
  • Purchasing and materials scheduling
  • Business management
  • Asset Management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Legal
  • Strategic management
  • HR and recruiting
  • Sales and business development
  • Marketing and communications

PRG offers a variety of internship programs available at many of our office locations.  While many of our internships are three months in length and are available during the summer,  longer internships may be available throughout the year;  the length and times available are location specific, so you can choose the type of internship that best suits your interests.

It is preferred, but not required, that applicants be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, have recently received a degree in theater technology or a related program, or have a combination of education and experience appropriate to professional/technical development in technical theater or entertainment technology. Most importantly, applicants should be willing to learn and ready to work hard as a team player. 

If you are interested in being an intern at PRG, please complete our Intern Interest Form


Please email for any other questions. 

  • Lighting Internships
  • Audio Internships
  • Video Internships
  • Scenic Internships
  • Other Internships

Lighting Internships

In the PRG/VER Lighting internship, in addition to operation tasks, your hands-on technical experience will include testing, repairing and maintaining equipment in the following departments: cable, dimmers, consoles, conventional and automated fixtures, rigging, special effects, and film/video.

Locations offered:

  • VER Secaucus, NJ
  • PRG Secaucus, NJ (All interns hired for Summer 2019)
  • Glendale, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA

Locations with all rounder:

  • Nashville, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Washigton D.C.
  • Orlando, FL (All interns hired for Summer 2019)

Audio Internships

In the PRG Audio internship, in addition to operations tasks, your hands-on technical experience will include testing, repairing, and maintaining equipment in the following departments: house PA cabinets and wedge monitors, house PA amplifier and monitor amplifier racks, speaker cabling, A/C distribution, control interface and signal distribution.

Locations offered:

  • VER Chicago, IL (All interns hired for Summer 2019)
  • VER Secaucus, NJ
  • Glendale, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • PRG Secaucus, NJ (All interns hired for Summer 2019)

Locations with all rounder:

  • Nashville, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Washigton D.C.
  • Orlando, FL (All interns hired for Summer 2019)

Video Internships

In the PRG/VER Video internship, interns will get an in-depth experience with general video technical testing, repairing, configuring, and building. More focused, but still a well-rounded experience are offered at many locations around the US. 

Video Internship Locations and Focus

  • Los Angeles, CA : General Video / Operations
  • Glendale, CA : General Video / R&D
  • PRG Secaucus, NJ : General Video / Broadway : (Email for Summer 2019 informtation)
  • Boston, MA : Projections
  • VER Secaucus, NJ : LED
  • Denver, CO : Video Engineering
  • Brooklyn, NY : Cameras

Locations with all rounder internships:

  • Nashville
  • Atlanta
  • Washigton DC
  • Orlando (All interns hired for Summer 2019)


Scenic Internships

The PRG Scenic internship is designed to give a student a well-rounded, hands on experience of how a show is executed through the different departments of a modern day scenic shop. Interns rotate through each department (Carpentry, Steel, Machine Shop, Art, Automation, Logistics, Project Management, Design) working alongside seasoned professionals which will guarantee an understanding of team work and how each department affects the final output of a project.

Locations offered:

  • New Windsor, NY (All interns hired for Summer 2019)

Other Internships

We are always exploring different subjects for our interns, sometimes at the suggestion of the interns themselves. We have held internships in: Scenic Engineering and Design, Scenic Technology, Broadway Project Management, Lighting, Audio, Video, Accounting, CAD Drafting, Graphics, Project Coordination/Management, Staffing, HR, and Operations.

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