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Fan Central was a hub of activity for fans of both Ohio State and the University of Oregon. Covering over 500,000 square feet at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center there were interactive experiences, sponsor booths, meet-and-greets with current and former players. There was even a regulation 100-yard football field that was the site of clinics, pep rallies, national Media Day, and more. PRG provided eight video projectors and screens around the Fan Central space to project both video and audio content as well as sponsor information. PRG also provided automated and conventional lighting to highlight the sponsors and displays around the massive convention center space. The conventional lighting was used for highlighting displays while the automated lighting was used to create excitement as well as to project the two school’s team colors across the fans. Integral to all of the lighting and video equipment were two truss spines, each over 400′ long, to provide hanging positions and to carry the over 2,400′ of fiber optic cables connecting the space, which covered 3 convention halls.

The football field, which hosted fan ‘receiver for a day’ activities and youth football clinics, was converted into the Media Day venue by PRG. The two teams took turns meeting with national media on the 100-yard field. PRG created five interview booths for the coach and four key players with truss, a remote controlled camera as well as integral audio and video feeds. Reporters gathered in front of the interview booths to ask questions and take photos. PRG technicians took the video feed and sent the imagery up to three projectors that were seamlessly blended on a 10-foot high by 50-foot wide projection screen. Each player and coach had their images enlarged for the fans in the bleachers and the PRG audio technicians had five isolated audio feeds so the fans could tune into the channel assignment for each player. PRG also lit the field for the crush of media interviewing the entire team and coaching staff on the field. ESPN and the Big 10 network also broadcast live from the event.

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