Queen and Adam Lambert

Queen and Adam Lambert

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For the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, PRG worked with design firm Stufish and designer Ric Lipson to create the scenic and staging elements. The design for the show included an enormous metal letter “Q” at the back of the stage that framed the video screen. The Q was fully automated by PRG Scenic to take “a bow” at one point in the show. The scenic elements were all designed to cleverly store in stage carts for easy transport via truck, but then are able to pivot out of the cart and be easily flown into place for quick assembly and dis-assembly. PRG also created an LED tube solution that resembled neon which outlines the Q and the other gold-painted scenic elements.

One of the touches that Production Manager Joe Sanchez really appreciated was the PRG Rolling Deck, which allowed his crew to assemble at the other end of the arena while rigging, video, lighting, and scenic elements were put into place. The PRG Rolling Deck is a work smarter solution that allows for quick and efficient assembly, which then can be rolled into place allowing all the production team to at the same time. The PRG scenic solutions included the main stage, runway, and B-stage as well.

At the top of the show, Lipson and his team worked with PRG to realize their design of a large Kabuki drop with a snifter from PRG to pull the falling drape away into the Q in a matter of seconds for a fast reveal of the legendary band.

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