Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

It takes a lot of planning and hundreds of people to bring the Hawaiian tapings of Wheel of Fortune to life. Check out how the production elements came together for the Hawaii shows that are airing this week. Whenever the show goes on the road for remote shoots, they turn to PRG for the lighting, audio, and rigging.

PRG has been supporting the location shoots for Wheel of Fortune since 1994 and have done nearly 100 remote productions for the show. This particular Hawaiian shoot took place in September 2014, with the equipment prepped and loaded in containers at the PRG Orlando shop. Those containers were then shipped via train to Long Beach, CA where they were loaded onto a container ship to Hawaii. After arriving in Oahu, the equipment containers were put on barges to the big island. The production elements are extensive; especially since the Hawaii production is all shot outdoors where we have to consider the weather and location as we build a studio in the scenic locale.

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