Music Group Key Contacts

The PRG Music Group team consists of industry veterans that have decades of real world experience on the road with live music production anywhere around the globe. Here are some of the key contacts in the PRG Music Group. Please feel free to reach out to them for your live music production needs, including lighting, audio, video, scenic, rigging and automation, or staffing.

  • Julian Edwards
  • Gary Connelly
  • Jon Morrell
  • Sharon Adrianson
  • Norah Blumberg
  • Cory Harrington
  • Jennifer Christiansen
  • Russell Wingfield
  • Jason Hennion

Julian Edwards

Account Executive, PRG Music Group

Julian trained in Technical Theatre Arts and Management at the Centre for the Performing Arts in the West Midlands, UK. After graduation in 1989, he worked on many productions at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicestershire, UK and in London’s West End.

In 1993, he took a position as an Electrician at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. His next employment was Lighting Operator for the tour of the West End production of Return to the Forbidden Planet. Consequently, Julian found himself bitten by the touring bug and he left commercial theatre in 1996 to work for Light and Sound Design (LSD) as an ICON Technician. Julian began touring the world with many of LSD’s clients, including Bon Jovi and Tina Turner. Julian was also the touring Lighting Director for Bryan Adams.

Julian joined PRG in February 2007 as an Account Executive for the concert touring division, based in the Los Angeles office.

Julian and his wife, Sae, have two sons, George and Aubrey.

Gary Connelly

Account Executive, PRG Music Group

Jon Morrell

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Sharon Adrianson

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Norah Blumberg

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Cory Harrington

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Jennifer Christiansen

Project Manager, PRG Music Group

Russell Wingfield

Production Coordinator, PRG Music Group

Russell, a former NAVY member, began his career in the entertainment industry in 1997. He worked at the OBIE company as a shop assistant, repairing gear and assisting in the prep of tours. From 2002 – 2006 he worked at Stagetech, 4th phase, Lights West as an LD for a small band called KMFDM. From 2006-2009 he worked for XL Video touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers/TSO and Keith Urban. When Chaos Visual was born, Russell came on board and focused on touring, serving as Crew Chief for major touring acts. In 2014, when PRG merged with Nocturne, Russell ended his year of touring and opted for a stationary job as a Project Manager and Rentals manager.

In his spare time, Russell enjoys staying active with scuba diving, biking, swimming, running, and shooting.

Jason Hennion

Asset Manager, PRG Nocturne

Jason Hennion is part of the asset management team at PRG Nocturne - Los Angeles. He supports sales, operations, and warehouse personnel with order creation, transfer of equipment, and packaging of events.

Jason began his career working for Light & Sound Design in 1997 as an electronic technician where he sharpened his skills in control and automated control systems. In 2006, he returned to school to further his knowledge of computers and networking technologies. After running his own networking support company, Network Extreme, he returned to the entertainment industry as a show control technician for Creative Technologies Inc. With his strong knowledge of equipment, he began working for Chaos Visual Productions in 2010 as asset manager and IT director.

Jason enjoys bicycle riding and tinkering with remote control helicopters in his spare time.

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